Caribbean Beach Resort

There are many things to do on a Caribbean vacation: hiking in a Puerto Rico rainforest, diving at the coral reef around Turks & Caicos , dancing at a club in Aruba , or playing a round of golf at the top class Four Seasons Resort in Nevis (pictured). But the focus of the best island trips is doing nothing — just relaxing on the beach . Picking a good Caribbean beach resort is key to enjoying your Caribbean vacation.

Beach Resorts None of the Caribbean countries are short of coastline, so you can find a Caribbean beach resort on any of the islands. When picking a Caribbean beach hotel or resort you have several options. In general, staying at a Caribbean beach resort means a secluded, self-contained vacation, so it makes sense to choose the best resort for your needs (facilities and activities for kids, romantic focus, all-inclusive amenities, lots of activities), regardless of what island it is on. Another choice is to pick the Caribbean country that most appeals to you — Aruba, Jamaica , the Cayman Islands , or elsewhere — and find a suitable Caribbean beach hotel in that country.

There are many great beach resorts in the Caribbean . Here are a few to get you started: Aguilla is famous for having some of the best beaches in the Caribbean; Cap Juluca hotel is a great up-scale Caribbean beach resort right on the spectacular Aguilla shore. Barbados , home to equally famous beaches, has many good beachfront resorts; Sandy Beach Island Resort is a good choice for families. The aptly named Beaches Resort in Turks & Caicos is a great all-inclusive hotel on the beautiful Grace Bay.

For a change of pace, try staying in Caribbean beach villas. These range from the wooden cottages at Sunset at the Palms Resort in Negril Jamaica to private Caribbean beach villas owned by absentee owners or real estate companies. The best way to find private Caribbean beach villas is usually by doing an island-specific search. Most islands have reputable real estate companies with lots of listings. Many of the best beach resorts will also have secludes villas or cabanas.

When choosing a Caribbean beach hotel, remember that wherever you stay in the Caribbean you are unlikely to be far from a beach. You may save some money being a short walk away from the sea. Other money saving tips include booking a package deal that combines flights and accommodation and looking to visit the Caribbean in the off-season. May is a great month to consider, it is just after the peak season, but the weather on the islands is still mild and pleasant.

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