Bermuda is found some 600 miles off the coast of North Carolina in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and as a result of being pretty isolated, it's also fairly unique.  A British territory for centuries now, Bermuda first saw its history begin to take shape when British settlers headed for the New World wrecked their ship near her shores in 1609. They saw this chain of islands as a haven and were seeking refuge from a most devastating storm. That storm and the subsequent shipwreck are believed by some to have inspired Shakespeare to write The Tempest. The crew that survived the shipwreck are credited with laying much of the groundwork for what Bermuda is today.

Tours in Bermuda
Tours in Bermuda

Today, Bermuda is still a British territory. It is an economic success story as well, playing the role of a thriving international banking center and tax haven. Able to find ways to ever increase its presence in the greater international scope of things, Bermuda is doing well for itself. It even boasts the world's highest GDP per capita and is very much a model for other islands in the general area. Bermuda's people are proud, and how could they not be? Beautiful beaches, temperate weather, lush and rolling hills, and stunning sunsets are all natural things that Bermuda boasts, and when it comes to quality of life, it's darn good. Each year, thousands of tourists come pouring into Bermuda just to taste a slice of the good life here, and there's plenty of it to go around.

There are some truly amazing Bermuda lodging options to choose from when enjoying Bermuda vacations. In addition to large and luxurious resorts, Bermuda vacations can also see you taking advantage of a range of vacation rental options, so finding the perfect digs for your Bermuda trip is a breeze. Speaking of breezes, many folks planning Bermuda vacations will stay at an oceanfront property to enjoy endless and intoxicating sea breezes.Even if you can't manage to secure a beachfront accommodation in Bermuda, your Bermuda trip is still bound to be a full and exciting one. For starters, the scuba diving and snorkeling in Bermuda are about as good as it gets.If you prefer to stay above the ocean's surface, you can book a charter boat excursion, or even rent your own boat and go island hopping. Historical attractions find their way into Bermuda travel plans as much as natural ones do. Should you take a walking tour in St George's Town, for example, you'll be treated to a UNESCO World Heritage Site where Bermuda history almost comes alive.

Interestingly enough, nonresidents in Bermuda are not permitted to rent or drive cars. Since you have to depend on the Bermuda transportation options at hand, you might as well include some ferry rides across the Great Sound to where tranquil Sandys Parish and the Royal Naval Dockyard await you. With a land mass of just 20.6 square miles, Bermuda is a small island chain, so getting around to all the main attractions during your Bermuda trip shouldn't involve burning too much time or patience.

Bermuda Beaches
Bermuda Beaches

Bermuda travel is time well spent, and chances are good that after your first trip here, you'll be planning future Bermuda vacations before you know it. There are plenty of possible excuses to take repeat Bermuda vacations. Perhaps there was a golf course that you didn't get to play the last time you were here, or maybe you finally finished your open water diving certification course and are ready to return to explore Bermuda's reefs and shipwrecks. Not that you exactly need a reason to visit Bermuda, but if you do, there are plenty of them. This travel guide for Bermuda will supply you with a lot of good reasons to take that Bermuda vacation that you've always dreamt about, and having some in-depth Bermuda travel information under your belt before you go can make your Bermuda trip all the more fun and special.

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