Achilles Bay

Close to St George's Town and Fort St. Catherine, Achilles Bay offers its visitors a wonderful place to relax during a Bermuda vacation. Achilles Bay Beach is a picturesque sandy stretch on the far northeast coast of Bermuda where relative tranquility can be found. Those interested in getting away from the larger crowds for bit will enjoy a visit here. The bay gets its name from the heel-shaped appearance of Achilles Bay Beach. Though the sand here isn't pink like it is at some of the other beaches in Bermuda, it is soft and inviting, as are the calm, blue waters that provide relief from the heat on a hot Bermuda day. One of the great things about Achilles Bay Beach is that it is so close to St George's Town, so you can pair your day at the beach with some historical sightseeing.

Achilles Bay Beach might not be the most secluded or tranquil entry among the beaches of Bermuda, but it isn't generally crowded either, meaning that you won't find yourself fighting for a spot on the sand. At times, cruise ship passengers arriving at the port of St George's Town will head for Achilles Bay, as well as nearby Tobacco Bay, which is even closer to the cruise port. This can sometimes make for a busier beach. Achilles Bay Beach is listed quite often as a private beach, though the hotel that once held ownership of it has dissolved, making it more of a public beach these days. The beach at Achilles Bay Bermuda is small, and helping to make it ideal for swimming is the fact that the shallow waters here extend pretty far out. Besides swimming, Achilles Bay Beach is also great for snorkeling. Kids tend to enjoy their time here, partly because there is a large rock jutting out of the water that has a ladder attached to it. It makes for fun diving as long as you remember the relatively shallow depths.

As far as concessions and such go at Achilles Bay Bermuda, they are somewhat limited, but since you are so close to St George's Town, you can always hop in a cab and head there to grab a bite to eat. There is a nice restaurant overlooking Achilles Bay, and it is a good spot to grab lunch or dinner or a refreshing cocktail. For those who are interested in renting a beach chair or umbrella, there is a beach house here that can supply you with both. Though the St Georges Parish hotel selections are rather few, there are some options for lodging close to Achilles Bay, such as the St George's Club, which is a time-share property boasting an array of amenities. The St George's Club is right next to a golf course, which is a nice bonus for golfers hanging out in the area. Spending a few hours at Achilles Bay after a morning round is hardly a bad way to spend a day in St Georges Parish.

As mentioned, St George's Town is close to Achilles Bay Beach, and walking tours of this UNESCO World Heritage Site are a great complement to time spent at the beach. Some of main points of interest in and around town include Fort St. Catherine, Gates Fort, and the graveyards of St. Peter's Church. Sites like these provide wonderful insight into the history of Bermuda. An all-around great place to relax during your St Georges Parish visit, Achilles Bay Bermuda offers a low-key atmosphere that is ideal for taking a break.

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