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Since Bermuda is isolated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there are really only two ways to get here. While Bermuda cruises can get you to Bermuda, most visitors choose to arrive on Bermuda flights. Tourism is one of Bermuda's top industries, and so a regular network of flights to Bermuda serve the needs of those traveling out of the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. Daily flights to Bermuda leave from a number of US cities, including New York, Chicago, and Miami. You can also find direct flights here from Toronto and London. Bermuda flights that originate on the US East Coast only take about two hours, so you can pretty much get here before you know it. Flights are not much longer from Toronto. Those wishing to book airfare to Bermuda outside of the UK, the US, or Canada will have to make a layover in one of these places.

All Bermuda flights arrive at the Bermuda International Airport, which is found on the east end in St George Parish. The Bermuda airport is just nine miles from the capital city of Hamilton and less than twenty miles from the far west end town of Somerset. Once you arrive at the Bermuda airport, you can hop in a taxi to get to your destination, but if you have a small group, it can sometimes be more affordable to book a shared minivan. Most of the luxury Bermuda hotels and resorts can help you arrange your transportation from the airport to the hotel. Nonresidents can't rent cars in Bermuda, and boarding a Bermuda bus with luggage is forbidden. A taxi or minivan is the way to go by default.

Bermuda is an expensive vacation destination, so it helps to pad the travel budget if you can find cheap flights to Bermuda. Booking your airfare to Bermuda in advance is usually a good way to get a good deal. With so many travel specials out there, finding cheap flights to Bermuda can sometimes take little to no effort at all. Combining your airfare to Bermuda with other aspects of your vacation, such as airport transfers, accommodations, and even side tours, can be a good way to get a discount. Vacation packages that bundle services and such together often do so at a discounted rate, saving travelers some significant money on average. If you can afford to be a bit flexible with your travel dates and times, that can also sometimes help you secure cheap flights to Bermuda. When you find a good deal on airfare to Bermuda, it's wise to jump on it, especially if you didn't have any luck finding deals up to that point.

Perhaps the best way to find discount flights to Bermuda is by booking your trip in the off-season. For all intents and purposes, Bermuda is at its busiest during the summer months, and during these months the rates for not only Bermuda airfare but also the Bermuda hotels go up. December to March is the off-season in Bermuda, and the winter will see Bermuda airfare and hotel rates go down in price. Sure, it might be a little too cold to fully enjoy swimming or snorkeling, but you can always don a wetsuit. Plus, you will avoid the summer crowds when you engage in Bermuda travel in the winter.

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