Bermuda Beaches

Unbelievably clear water, plenty of sunshine, and even pink sand characterize many a beach in Bermuda. There are so many Bermuda beaches, and all so varied that visitors might have a difficult time deciding which ones to visit. Some beaches in Bermuda are secluded and low on fellow beachgoers, while others are more accessible and sometimes crowded. Making a list of Bermuda beaches to include in your visit is part of the fun of planning a Bermuda vacation. Some of the best Bermuda beaches are highlighted in this article to help give you an idea of what to expect once you get here.

The biggest concentration of Bermuda beaches is found on the island territorys south side, with South Shore Park offering up quite a few dandies, including Horseshoe Bay Beach. Easily one of the best Bermuda beaches, Horseshoe Bay Beach is not only the countrys most popular, but its also arguably the most beautiful. Unlike most beaches in Bermuda, Horseshoe Bay Beach has lifeguards on duty, though they are only present during the high season, which runs from May 1 until October 31. The Bermuda beaches tend to have some tricky rip currents, so if a lifeguard is not present, you will want to pay special attention to the conditions. Portuguese man-of-wars can present a danger as well, as these jellyfish-like creatures emit quite a powerful venom from their dangling tentacles. Its a good idea to keep an eye out for them, and since the water is so clear at the Bermuda beaches, you should be able spot any in your vicinity. Besides offering a lifeguard, Horseshoe Bay Beach also boasts some of that famous light pink Bermuda sand, which is especially colorful where the incoming surf washes in. Helping to make Horseshoe Bay Beach a visitor favorite is the fact that it also has the most facilities of all the public beaches in Bermuda.

Also found in South Shore Park is Warwick Long Bay, which, as its name implies, is quite long. At least by Bermuda standards, anyhow. Extending about a half-mile, this popular stretch of sand is backed by low vegetation and fronted by that spectacularly clear Bermuda water. Warwick Long Bay Beach is a great place to enjoy some Bermuda snorkeling, as are more than a handful of other Bermuda beaches, including Church Bay in Southampton Parish, and Snorkel Park in Sandys Parish. There is a coral island just offshore of Warwick Long Bay Beach, and a wonderful amount of sea life can be spotted cruising the area waters. One of the really neat things about South Shore Park is that it features a coastal path that connects its beaches together. From Warwick Long Bay Beach, for instance, you can walk the path down to Jobson Cove, where another one of the best Bermuda beaches can be found.

The small beach at Jobson Cove is enclosed by craggy cliffs, and the rocks extend out to sea, creating a shallow cove pool that is almost completely disconnected from the outlying sea. It is truly a dynamic spot, and also a great place to do some snorkeling. There are no bathrooms or concessions at Bermuda beaches like Jobson Cove, though you can easily walk back down to Warwick Long Bay and find some. Another beach that resembles Jobson Cove in many ways is Astwood Cove. A very secluded and remote beach, Astwood Cove is not often crowded, and if you are planning a wedding in Bermuda, it is an ideal setting for the ceremony. The beaches in Bermuda listed so far are all public beaches, but not all of the Bermuda beaches are public. Many are owned by Bermuda resorts, and these resorts offer their guests some great beach facilities and amenities. Elbow Beach, which is found in Paget Parish, deserves mention among the best Bermuda beaches, and it is both private and public. Its eastern side is owned by the Elbow Beach Resort, which is quite luxurious. A dive shop, water sports equipment rentals, restaurants, bars, beach chairs, and beach umbrellas are some of the amenities that resorts such as the Elbow Beach Resort offer within steps of their sandy stretches.

Elbow Beach is one of the safer Bermuda beaches due its offshore reefs, which help to break up a lot of the incoming surf. Because of its relative proximity to the capital city of Hamilton, it is frequently visited by cruise ship passengers who arrive at Hamiltons port. This is also often the case with St Georges Parish beaches, like Tobacco Bay and Achilles Bay, as there is a cruise ship port at St Georges Town. The third Bermuda cruise ship port is found at the Royal Naval Dockyard in Sandys Parish, and cruisers arriving here can walk to Snorkel Parks beach. Choosing the best beaches in Bermuda for your visit can depend on things like where your hotel is, where your cruise ship arrives, or whether or not you like it tranquil or crowded. Since Bermuda is so small, however, you can easily branch out and visit a bunch of Bermuda beaches, making your personal list of favorites as you go.

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