Bermuda Hotels

The Bermuda lodging choices are many, so when it comes to finding the right hotels in Bermuda for your wants and needs, you should have no problem finding what you need. Your travel budget will definitely have a say when it comes to which Bermuda hotels you will be able to consider. If you can splurge to stay at a Bermuda beach hotel, you'll have the chance to enjoy a great Bermuda beach whenever you please! Even if you don't stay at a Bermuda beach hotel, the Bermuda beaches are never too far off, so choosing to stay at an affordable guest house further inland, for example, can still include plenty of beach time.

Should money be tight, or should you be the kind of person that doesn't place a huge emphasis on numerous amenities, staying at one of the Bermuda guest houses is a great way to go. Guest houses are your best bet for cheap hotels in Bermuda, but that doesn't mean that they are dirty or uncomfortable. Quite the contrary. That's not to say that the Bermuda guest houses are luxurious either, but they should satisfy most everyone's basic needs, and then some. Guest houses in Bermuda vary quite a bit, and the smaller ones are generally private homes with rooms for rent. Others might be more of a housekeeping unit, and this type is covered in the next paragraph. For all intents and purposes, the Bermuda guest houses are like hostels. The Granway Guest House & Cottage in Warwick Parish is an excellent example of a good Bermuda guest house, and its handsome rooms are rather comfortable. Most of the units at Bermuda guest houses feature private bathrooms with a tub and shower combination, which is not exactly common for discount hotels in a lot of other countries.

Housekeeping units are generally akin to what are known as efficiencies in the United States. These apartment- and condo-like units feature kitchens, and whether they be just kitchenettes or fully-equipped kitchens, they are quite convenient. One of the Bermuda hotels that offers apartment-like housekeeping units is Astwood Cove, which is also found in Warwick Parish. Each of the self-contained units at Astwood Cove has its own porch or terrace, and also features a kitchenette, a private bathroom, and a few extras like a mini-bar and a fridge. Couples might find Astwood Cove to be ideal for them when trying to save money. Even some of the Bermuda bed and breakfasts can be rather easy on the wallet. Aunt Nea's Inn at Hillcrest, for example, offers pretty agreeable rates. As is expected at the Bermuda bed and breakfasts, a satisfying breakfast is included with your stay.

As we move up the ranks of Bermuda hotels, we eventually come to the Bermuda resorts, which are among the most lavish Bermuda lodging picks you'll find. When you want a Bermuda beach hotel that has plenty to offer and more, then the Bermuda luxury resorts should more than fit the bill. However, there are smaller luxury Bermuda hotels as well if you don't need all the extra facilities and such. The Bermuda luxury hotels not only offer guests the most comfortable guest rooms in all of Bermuda, but they also feature highly-trained and competent staffs that help guests truly maximize their Bermuda vacation time. The Fairmont Southampton, the Elbow Beach Resort, and Cambridge Beaches are among the top Bermuda luxury hotels, and finding fault with any of them is no easy task.

From guest houses, to sprawling resorts, and everything in between, the hotels in Bermuda offer a lot of variety. Should you find it hard to narrow down your Bermuda lodging choices, you might stay at one hotel for a few days, then head on over to another for a completely different experience. Of course, sampling different hotels in Bermuda can also be done on repeat trips, as if you need an excuse to treat yourself to a Bermuda getaway. Whether you are interested in Southampton hotels, St Georges hotels, Hamilton hotels, or hotels in any of the other six Bermuda parishes, the choices come in many different sizes, shapes, and styles.

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