Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle, which is also known as Devil's Triangle, is a source of much debate. The Bermuda Triangle mystery is nothing but a sham, at least according to a myriad of skeptics, and there still remain many who believe there is something fishy going on here. As for Bermuda Triangle facts, we do know that the Bermuda Triangle covers just over 932,000 square miles of open seas in the Atlantic Ocean. The exact Bermuda Triangle location is almost as controversial as the larger overall mystery, as there are varying opinions as to what the actual borders are. However, for the sake of offering a sound Bermuda Triangle location suggestion, we'll go with the standard triangle shape, which has its three points falling near Florida's Atlantic coast, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda.

The disappearance of various sea vessels and aircraft which were traveling through the general Bermuda Triangle location is what has led some to believe that special forces are at hand in the region. This Bermuda Triangle mystery has only strengthened over the years, much to the chagrin of critics who claim that the Bermuda Triangle is no more devious than any other stretch of ocean. Two of the events that have helped to lead to the Bermuda Triangle mystery occurred in 1881 and 1945. The 1881 occurrence involved a British ship named the Ellen Austin. This ship met with another ship in the Bermuda Triangle, only the other ship was sailing without a soul onboard. After moving some of its crew to the unmanned ship, the Ellen Austin went its own way. Some days later, the ships crossed a second time on the open seas, and once again, the other ship was without a crew.

The 1945 event is probably the most famous, and it involves the US Navy losing five of its bombers over the Bermuda Triangle location. After the squadron leader reported back to base that he and his fellow pilots were lost, the radio went dead. When further attempts at communication failed, a rescue plane was sent searching for answers. That rescue plane would disappear as mysteriously as the five bombers did before it. The five days that followed the disappearance of the US Navy planes saw additional searches to no avail. To this day, nobody is sure what happened to the six planes that disappeared in this incident. Some believe the Bermuda Triangle is a time warp of sorts, while others believe that extraterrestrial beings are to blame. You can feel free to make up your own mind. Should you be flying through the Bermuda Triangle on your way to Bermuda, or passing through it on a cruise ship, perhaps you will do a bit of research of your own to see what you come up with.

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