Cheap Bermuda Hotels

The phrase cheap Bermuda hotels is more or less an oxymoron, as finding a hotel room for under 100 dollars a night in this British island territory is tough unless you find a really good deal in the off-season. That being said, there are discount Bermuda hotels available for those who want to keep their overall travel costs down in this expensive land. While the Bermuda luxury hotels have gobs of amenities and facilities, some travelers don't need more than a good bed and a clean room. That's where the cheap hotels in Bermuda come in. There are no hostels in Bermuda, so the best choice for cheap Bermuda hotels are guest houses.

Guest houses are akin to hostels in many ways. Some of them are private homes where the owners live on the premises. While they offer fewer amenities and facilities than the more standard Bermuda hotel rooms do, most of the discount Bermuda hotels have friendly staffs that can help you plan any number of side activities and tours. You can find guest houses all over Bermuda, and if you find a parish that you want to base yourself in, then you can start your search for cheap Bermuda hotels there. Paget Parish is a popular vacation destination in Bermuda, and among the guest houses here is the Little Pomander Guest House. Like many guest houses in Bermuda, the Little Pomander offers rooms that pretty much provide everything you could need. Kitchenettes with microwaves are standard in all five units here, as are cable TV, air-conditioning, refrigerators, telephones, and radio alarm clocks. As far as the cheap hotels in Bermuda go, the Little Pomander Guest House just might offer the most attractively-decorated rooms.

The Salt Kettle House is another great choice when it comes to discount Bermuda hotels, and it is also found in Paget Parish. An informal place that enjoys a relative amount of seclusion, the Salt Kettle House is part guest house, part bed and breakfast. After all, a full breakfast is included in the agreeable rates, and if you spend extra for a cottage unit, you'll enjoy the convenience of having a full kitchen. The other guest units here allow guests to use the kitchen in the main house. Private bathrooms and air-conditioning are standard throughout, and in the bathrooms are shower and tub combinations. As you can see with the Salt Kettle House, not all of the discount Bermuda hotels are exactly straightforward guest houses.

In Warwick Parish, the Astwood Cove is another prime example of this. The Astwood Cove provides what are known as self-contained apartments. Self-contained apartment complexes are fairly common in Bermuda, and this is surely one of the best ones. What helps to make the Astwood Cove such an excellent accommodation choice is its proximity to Astwood Cove Beach, which is a mere three-minute stroll away. Self-contained apartment units will typically feature a kitchen or kitchenette, a private bathroom, and a few extras like a mini-bar and a fridge. Such is the case at Astwood Cove, which like many discount Bermuda hotels also provides a coffee maker and an iron in each room. In addition to having Astwood Cove Beach close by, the Astwood Cove apartments also offer proximity to Long Bay Beach, which is not even half a mile away.

The best time to find cheap hotels in Bermuda is during the off-season, which generally runs from December to March. Most, if not all Bermuda hotels drop their rates during the off-season, and some are known to offer specials like a free extra night. Even in the peak summer season, however, the cheap hotels in Bermuda can save you some money. With all the funds you have left over, you'll be able to add some side tours to your travel agenda, or perhaps a round of golf.

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