Bermuda Cruises

Although thereare an increasing amount of available flights to Bermuda, arriving by cruise ship is how many visitors choose to get here. Found approximately 600 miles off the coast of North Carolina, Bermuda is served by a number of major cruise ship companies. Their Bermuda-bound ships embark from different ports on the United States East Coast. Bermuda cruise vacations often provide passengers with a few days in Bermuda, which makes for enough time to enjoy a bunch of great Bermuda attractions. Snorkeling, shopping, and relaxing on a pink-sand beach are just some of the things that you can do in Bermuda once you arrive on a cruise.

Bermuda cruise vacations are available between the months of April and November, and the specific cruise that you book will decide the length of the voyage. Five- and seven-day Bermuda cruise vacations are among the most common trips available, with some of the more extended cruises lasting upwards of nine or eleven days. New York is a popular embarkation point for Bermuda cruises, as are Boston and Philadelphia, and you can continue down the coast to find ships leaving from ports at such stops as Baltimore, Charleston, and Fort Lauderdale as well. In addition to visiting Bermuda, these cruises also tend to include other great destinations, such as the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. There are three cruise ship docks in Bermuda, so your cruise to Bermuda can see you arriving at either the Royal Naval Dockyard (King's Wharf), St George's Town (St Georges Parish), or the capital city of Hamilton. The Hamilton City port is scheduled to reduce its cruise ship activity, so chances are good that your cruise to Bermuda will arrive at one of the other two ports, unless you book an extended Caribbean cruise.

Bermuda cruise vacations are ideal because they allow passengers have to explore this lovely British territory. Bermuda only has a land mass of about twenty square miles. From the cruise ship ports you can rent a scooter, hail a cab, or hop on a bus or ferry and be off to any number of top Bermuda attractions. Understandably so, the Bermuda beaches are where many visitors head first, and Bermuda cruise vacations can definitely involve plenty of fun in the sun. Tobacco Bay Beach is one of the beaches that arriving cruise ship passengers in St Georges like to frequent. It is a great place to do some snorkeling, as is the beach at Snorkel Park, which is within walking distance of the Royal Naval Dockyard port. In addition to spending time at the beach, a lot of people on Bermuda cruise vacations add a round of golf to the itinerary. Booking your round of Bermuda golf through the cruise ship is often possible on Bermuda cruises, and when you do so you won't have to worry about getting to the course, as the ship's staff will arrange your transportation for you. You can also book your round on your own and hop in a cab once you arrive if you prefer.

Modern-day cruise ships are like floating cities, some boasting over 1,000 cabins and more than ten passenger decks, so getting bored while at sea isn't really an option. Bermuda cruise vacations are nearly all inclusive experiences, as your accommodations, transportation, meals, and activities are often all included in one fee. Even if all of your meals are provided onboard, it's a good idea to forego a meal on the ship for the chance to sample some Bermudian cuisine. Cruise companies are known to offer special deals from time to time, and finding Bermuda cruise deals can free up some funds for additional onshore excursions. One way to get Bermuda cruise deals is to book an inside cabin. Though you will not have a window, the rest of the amenities will often be comparable to those offered in the more expensive cabins. With so much to do on deck, sleeping is all that many passengers will do in their rooms anyhow. Booking your cruise to Bermuda early is another good way to go about getting Bermuda cruise deals, though it doesn't hurt to look for deals at the last minute either if that's where you find yourself.

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