Cruises from Charleston to Bermuda

Cruises from Charleston to Bermuda are a natural choice for a fun and breezy getaway. Bermuda is just 650 miles from the U.S. mainland, which gives you time to enjoy the fun on the ship without feeling stuck. You’ll still have plenty of time to spend on the island, even on a short excursion, before it’s time to head back to the mainland. There will be time to enjoy the pink-sand beaches, beautiful views, golf courses, and all of the fun things to do that have become signature Bermuda experiences. Both first-time cruisers and experienced vacationers enjoy their trip from South Carolina to Bermuda.

Charleston is a cruise port just now coming into its own, and Bermuda is a well established cruise destination. Bermuda’s three ports of call include Heritage Wharf and King’s Wharf, both located on the Royal Naval Dockyard on the western point of the island, along with Hamilton Harbor, localed right in the capital. With so three ports of call, it expands the options for cruises from Charleston to Bermuda. It’s not difficult to find a date that fits your vacation plans, whether you want to get away for a long weekend or an extended itinerary.

Joining other East Coast ports of call, Charleston is one of the newer options for cruises to Bermuda. For years, vacationers were choosing between a Boston to Bermuda cruise or heading south to Jacksonville or Miami. The first cruises set sail out of Charleston in 2010 thanks to Carnival, the first company to depart from the South Carolina port. Other cruise companies have followed suit, expanding the options for cruises from Charleston to Bermuda and other ports of call. With the opening of the Union Pier Cruise Terminal in 2013 make Charleston an even more appealing place to begin a vacation to Bermuda or points beyond.

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