Devonshire Bermuda

Not exactly your best pick for Bermuda parishes in terms of hotels and dining choices, Devonshire is nonetheless a great place to base yourself during your Bermuda visit. This is because of the parish's location. It is basically smack dab in the center of the island territory, which makes it ideal for trips to both Bermuda's East End and West End. Topping out at around two square miles, Devonshire Bermuda is the same size as the other eight parishes, and it borders Smith's Parish to the northeast, and Paget Parish to the southwest. It takes its name from William Cavendish, who was the first Earl of Devonshire. Cavendish lived from 1552 until 1626, and never actually visited Bermuda.

Devonshire travel is aided by the fact that three of Bermuda's main thoroughfares pass through the parish. They are North Shore Road, Middle Road, and South Shore Road. These roads can get quite busy during weekday rush hours, so if you are just interested in visiting some of the Devonshire attractions on a day trip, it's best to do so on Sundays when road traffic is at a minimum. Speaking of the Devonshire attractions, they are pretty varied, making a Devonshire vacation ideal for many interests. Golfers will appreciate the fact that there is an affordable golf course here. The Ocean View Golf Course only has nine holes, but you can play them twice if you want to get in eighteen. As the course's name suggests, ocean views can be enjoyed from many a hole, and with numerous different tee boxes to choose from, you can suit the course to your game.

The Ocean View Golf Course is among the more popular Devonshire attractions on North Shore Road. As for South Shore Road, Devonshire Bay attracts plenty of visitors looking to enjoy its beach and park. There are shade trees here that encourage relaxing picnics, and you can even drop by the ruins of the fort of Devonshire Bay Battery for a glimpse into Bermuda history. Local fisherman at Devonshire Bay offer their catches of the day to those who are interested in preparing some of their own meals. Just watching the fishermen fillet fish to order is quite intriguing. Small parks and nature reserves are quite numerous in Bermuda, and among the Devonshire attractions are a few worth including in your Devonshire travel plans. On South Shore Road, the Palm Grove Gardens offer eighteen acres of beauty to soothe the inner soul. So picturesque are the grounds here that many folks who plan a Bermuda wedding choose to have their wedding pictures taken here. Back on the North Shore, Palmetto Park is an excellent spot to take a break from it all. Views of the Atlantic Ocean can be enjoyed from the rather steep hillside here, making it another great place for picnics.

One of the best ways to enjoy nature during your Devonshire vacation is to spend some time at the Arboretum, which can be found on Montpelier Road. Tranquility abounds at the Arboretum, and you can see native Bermudian plant life here, including palms and conifers. On South Shore Road, the Edmund Gibbons Nature Reserve is free to visitors, as are the other parks and reserves mentioned in this article. This small reserve is great for walking tours, and birdwatchers can see migratory birds that flock to the reserve's marshlands and pond. For shopping related Devonshire attractions, the Barn Thrift Shop is a must-visit if you like searching for good bargains. Shoppers making Devonshire travel plans should note that the Barn Thrift Shop is only open from 9 a.m. till 2 p.m. on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Sports fans planning a Devonshire vacation will be happy to know the Bermuda National Stadium and the National Sports Center are found within the parish. Soccer, or football as it is more widely known, is played at the Bermuda National Stadium, and this 8,500-seat venue is where the second division United Soccer Leagues Bermuda Hogges play. It's also where the Bermuda Music Festival is held. Some international soccer games are played at the National Sports Center, as are cricket and rugby matches, and track and field events. These enjoyable events bring in a healthy amount of Devonshire Bermuda visitors every year.

There's plenty to do in Devonshire Bermuda, that's for sure, and those planning to base themselves here can choose to stay at a cottage colony or a housekeeping apartment, both of which are unique Bermuda accommodations options.

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