Bermuda Dining

There was a time when Bermuda dining left a lot to be desired, but things have changed, partly due to the territory's recent success as a travel destination and an international banking center. It seems that new restaurants in Bermuda are springing up all the time. In addition to fresh eateries, Bermuda has been importing a lot of new chefs. Some of the most fashionable restaurants in Bermuda feature renowned chefs. Though they can whip up some savory international dishes, it is important to try some native Bermudian dishes as well, which you can do at smaller, more modest restaurants. As one might imagine in a territory surrounded by the sea, many Bermudian dishes feature seafood so seafood lovers will be in heaven.

Due to the fact that many food items have to be shipped to Bermuda, dining out can often be an expensive endeavor. Some restaurants in Bermuda will require a jacket and tie, and if they do you can be sure that the meal will be more than less expensive. There are casual eateries in Bermuda as well, so grabbing some fish chowder without your coat and tie is possible as well. Fast food restaurants are attempting to weave their way into the Bermuda dining fabric, but it appears that only KFC has proven successful. Reportedly, the Bermuda government has outlawed fast food restaurants.

Italian and Chinese restaurants are growing in popularity in Bermuda, and even traditional Bermudian dishes are starting to exhibit some continental influences. Bermuda is quite small, so there are no territorial differences as far as the food of Bermuda is concerned. In other words, Bermudian dishes in Sandys Parish generally should not differ from those in St Georges Parish. Not all of the Bermuda parishes are exactly overflowing with restaurants, which is why a lot of visitors like to stay at a resort. The Fairmont Southampton in Southampton Parish, for instance, has seven restaurants to choose from so even if there are no other restaurants close to your resort, you will have a range of styles and flavors to choose from. As mentioned, however, it's important to try at least a few different Bermudian dishes.

As mentioned, food in Bermuda often comes from the sea and across the island chain here rockfish is in large supply. There are a number of ways to prepare rockfish, but perhaps none are as interesting as when you order a rockfish maw. An old recipe, rockfish maw involves simmering rockfish stomachs that are stuffed with chopped fish. This might be one of those Bermudian dishes that the kids won't try, no matter what you do. Back to the fish chowder we talked about earlier, it is perhaps the most popular of all the Bermudian dishes. The omni-present rockfish is again used with frequency in this soup dish, which natives tend to flavor with sherry peppers and black rum. For a different kind of Bermuda dining experience, you can try some mussels. Bermudians love their mussels, and they figure in the traditional Bermudian mussel pie, which consists not only of mussels, but also papaya, potatoes, bacon, onions, lemon juice, and spices like curry powder and thyme.

Various fruits and vegetables make it into Bermudian dishes, including the traditional Sunday morning breakfast. Still served by some families, this breakfast features a cooked banana and potato side with codfish. A bit different than bacon and eggs. Getting a refreshing, tasty, and healthy smoothie in Bermuda shouldn't be too much of a hassle, as cherries and strawberries grow well here. Guavas and avocados also flourish here, though you might not want to put an avocado in your smoothie. Much like in Belize and the Virgin Islands, johnnycakes are a popular food of Bermuda. Sometimes johnnycakes are made with flour, and other times they are made with cornmeal. The dough is pan-cooked to make a bread of sorts, and though you can sweeten them as you please, they are often consumed plain.

As for beverages in Bermuda, rum is king. Bacardi has its headquarters here, after all. Demerara rum, or black rum, is very popular in Bermuda. When you get to a Bermuda nightlife spot, you can ask for a rum swizzle when you get there. It's a popular Bermuda cocktail made with citrus juices, club soda, and of course rum. Of course, enjoying a pint is also fashionable in this British territory, and while you drink down your ale, you can also enjoy some British pub food.

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