Elbow Beach

Elbow Beach is found in Bermuda's Paget Parish, and it rests between the Elbow Beach Resort and the Coral Beach Club off of South Shore Road. It is easily one of the more popular beaches in Bermuda. Part of the reason why Elbow Beach is so popular is because it is an easy reach from the capital city of Hamilton. In fact, it only takes about ten minutes to get here from Hamilton, and if you haven't rented a moped, you can jump in a cab to get here, or hop on the #2 or #7 buses. Cruise ship passengers docked at the Hamilton port will do well to head to Elbow Beach when they are looking for a nice Bermuda beach to relax on, and it's just as ideal for those enjoying an extended stay in the island territory. Paget Parish offers nice hotel options and some of the best beaches in Bermuda, so it's an all-around great place to base yourself when enjoying all that Bermuda has to offer.

Elbow Beach Bermuda visits are a great way to add some sun-drenched diversion to your Bermuda vacation, and you'll find the signature pink sand here that makes some of the Bermuda beaches so unique. Elbow Beach in Bermuda curves gently as an elbow does, though any real resemblance to an elbow is a bit of an exaggeration. The beach itself is divided into two parts, one private, the other public. The private side of the beach is owned by the Elbow Beach Resort, and it offers more in the way of amenities and facilities than does the public side. The public side is devoid of concessions and changing facilities, but it does have bathrooms. While the private side of Elbow Beach is reserved mainly for Elbow Beach Resort guests, those not staying at the resort can pay to enjoy some of the concessions it offers, such as water sports equipment rentals and changing rooms. Kayak tours can be arranged at the hotel, and they can even help you organize a fun-filled scuba diving adventure.

Elbow Beach Bermuda snorkeling is a great idea for fun things to do when visiting Paget Parish, and there is a nice reef to explore not far offshore. Thanks to this reef, the water at Elbow Beach remains relatively calm, making it just as ideal for swimming. This is something that families will want to note, especially when they are traveling with small kids. When you're not swimming, snorkeling, or kayaking here, long walks on the beach are an enjoyable way to pass some time, and in the summer, there is a mobile concession stand that parks itself at the end of Tribe Road #4. You can grab some refreshments at the concession wagon, not to mention some fast food and snack items. Come evening at Elbow Beach in Bermuda, sand volleyball games often commence so you can attempt to get in on a game or two if you so desire. Elbow Beach Bermuda visits can surely be full of interesting things to get into. In addition to the kinds of activities already mentioned, you can also enjoy a bit of windsurfing or kite flying.

Staying at one of the Elbow Beach resorts is arguably the best way to maximize your experience at Elbow Beach in Bermuda. The Elbow Beach Resort has undergone considerable renovations, and this Mandarin Hotels offering is quite luxurious. The Coral Beach Club is also very nice, and both offer spas where guests can pamper themselves to their heart's content. Much like golf, tennis is a sport that scores of Bermuda visitors like to partake in, and the Coral Beach Club offers eight clay courts that are wonderfully maintained. Back at the other choice for Elbow Beach resorts, there are five tennis courts on hand, not to mention a putting green. Before heading out for a round of Bermuda golf, practicing you putting skills at the Elbow Beach Resort can prove to be invaluable and fun. For those who get the urge to do some further exploring in Paget Parish, there is a scooter rental shop near Elbow Beach, and it is open from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on a daily basis.

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