Bermuda Fishing

A Bermuda vacation can see a little or a lot of fishing , so anglers will definitely want to pack their rods and reels when heading here. Not that you have to bring your own equipment if you want to treat yourself to a world-class Bermuda fishing experience. Various outfitters here can supply you with all the equipment that you will need. Light-tackle fishing is especially good in Bermuda, and when bonefish is the catch of the day, you can enjoy hours of Bermuda fly fishing. Head further out to sea for some bill fishing, and you can try to snare something larger, such as a powerful marlin. Bermuda fishing pretty much has it all, and many Bermuda visitors include it on their lists of things to do for good reason.

Fishing in Bermuda is something that can be enjoyed year round, though the best fishing is to be had during the months of May and November. This is when migratory species pass through in exceptionally strong numbers. For those who really want to maximize their fishing experience during a Bermuda vacation, Bermuda charter fishing is a great way to go. There are a number of qualified charter companies in Bermuda that can take you out for a half or full-day fishing trip, and these companies know where all the best fishing sites are. You will not need a license to go fishing in Bermuda, but there are oftenlimits to what you can keep, which your charter company will fill you in on.

Most Bermuda resorts and hotels can link you up with a licensed charter company. If you are arriving on a cruise ship, fishing excursions are often available among the list of shore excursions. Bermuda charter fishing is relatively expensive, but if you have a decently sized group, splitting the cost will bring the individual rates down. Most fishing charters will provide all the necessary fishing equipment, but often times, food and drink won't be part of the deal, so you might bring a snack or eat a big breakfast. For dinner, you can hopefully prepare your catch of the day!

There are a few main types of fishing that you can do in Bermuda, and you don't have to book a charter to enjoy the sport here. Shore fishing is popular in Bermuda, and you won't need a permit to enjoy it. Towards western Bermuda, the Great Sound is an excellent shore fishing destination, and on the East End, the harbor in St Georges Parish is also ideal. Bonefish, barracuda, grey snapper, and pompano are often the catch of the day when it comes to shore fishing in Bermuda. Bermuda fly fishing is a developing market, and much like general shore fishing, bonefish is often what you'll snare. There are some tarpon to be found trolling the Bermuda waters as well, though they are more scattered than are the bonefish.

Reef fishing is another kind of fishing that you can do in Bermuda, and among the offshore reefs here are three major ones where you can try your hand at snaring Bermuda chub, great barracuda, grey triggerfish, and a number of different kinds of snapper. One of the main Bermuda fishing reefs rests not even a mile offshore, while the other two are located 15 and 31 miles out to sea, respectively. Often times, the further out to sea you go, the bigger the fish are. Speaking of heading further out to sea, Bermuda deep sea fishing is just as fun as shore and reef fishing, and it's getting more and more popular.Organize a Bermuda deep sea fishing charter, and blue marlin, wahoo, great amberjack, and yellowfin tuna will be just some of the possible catches. The most reputable Bermuda deep sea fishing charters have the best equipment that you can find, including state-of-the-art navigational tools, which helps to make your day out on the water as good as it can be.

Bermuda fishing is something that both novice and expert anglers can enjoy. Book a Bermuda charter fishing excursion, and the crew can help you hone your skills in no time if you are either rusty or inexperienced. Many fishing experts consider Bermuda fishing to be some of the best fishing in the world, and now that Bermuda deep sea fishing is increasing in availability, it's only getting better.

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