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Found in the northwest region of Bermuda's island chain is Hamilton Parish, which should not be confused with the capital city of Hamilton in the Pembroke Parish. The Hamilton Bermuda parish surrounds Harrington Sound, which is a relatively large saltwater lake. Since it also opens to the Atlantic Ocean, fishing is among the top pursuits for those enjoying a Hamilton Bermuda vacation. The Harrington Sound basically divides Hamilton Parish in two, and the small islands found within it also fall within the parish domain. Hamilton Parish borders Smith's Parish to the southwest, and St George Parish to the northeast. Like the other Bermuda parishes, Hamilton Parish is not large, covering a mere 2.3 square miles.

The Hamilton Bermuda parish was named after James Hamilton, who was a Scottish aristocrat and the second Marquis of Hamilton. He lived from 1589 - 1625. Mr. Hamilton purchased the shares for Hamilton Parish from a wealthy woman of the Elizabethan era. Her name was Lucy Harrington, and the parish's original name was Harrington Tribe. The shares that James Hamilton purchased from Lucy Harrington originally pertained to the Virginia Company, which was created in London in the seventeenth century for the purpose of settling the New World. Though Hamilton Bermuda doesn't offer the same level of historical interest that nearby St George Parish does, it features Flatts Village, where some historical homes and old warehouses have managed to survive. The city of Hamilton is now the capital of Bermuda, but before the year 1815, St George's Town in St George Parish held that distinction. During those times, Bermuda's parliament would sometimes meet at Flatts Village, and some of the island territory's customs officers resided here.

The Hamilton hotels have among them some nice resorts. If you are traveling with kids, the Grotto Bay Beach Hotel is an excellent choice for family resorts. Some Bermuda visitors will naturally opt to base themselves in other Bermuda parishes according to their tastes and preferences, and then visit the Hamilton Parish on a day trip. When in the area, there are some interesting Hamilton Bermuda attractions to check out, including the Crystal Caves and the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, & Zoo. The Crystal Caves are arguably the most famous caves in the country, and their name reflects the immaculately clear waters found within them. In fact, the water is so clear here that you can see the cave bottom with ease even at a depth of over 50 feet! The Crystal Caves were discovered accidentally by two men searching for their lost cricket ball in 1905. Guided tours of the Crystal Caves can be enjoyed by visitors, and the tours begin every 30 minutes. Among the interesting Crystal Caves sights is the geological formation that resembles the face of Bob Marley. At the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, & Zoo, visitors will enjoy exhibits centered around Bermuda's animal life and natural history.

For those that are looking for more active Hamilton Bermuda attractions, fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, and scuba diving are among the watersports that can be enjoyed on a Hamilton Bermuda vacation. You can even rent a sunfish sailing craft if you want to and get out on the Harrington Sound. Visitors who enjoy getting away from it all in the woods can attempt to obtain permission to enter Tom Moore's Jungle, which is where the famous Irish poet is believed to have found inspiration. A private trust property, Tom Moore's Jungle offers splendid views, and it is truly one of the more pristine places in all of Bermuda. As far as beaches go, Hamilton Bermuda offers a few nice sandy stretches, and you can always enjoy some fun in the sun at Shelly Bay, which features the longest beach on Bermuda's north shore. A public beach, Shelly Bay Beach is one of the more popular Hamilton Bermuda attractions, as the water is shallow and ideal for families. Windsurfing is especially popular at this beach.

Bay Island, which is one of the Hamilton Bermuda parish islands that lies in Harrington Sound, is a small and rocky island where visitors can enjoy two more beaches, though these ones are much smaller. Another popular hangout to enjoy during your Hamilton Bermuda vacation is Baily's Bay, which boasts some coastal park areas and a small beach of its own. For some great panoramic views of the north shore, you won't want to miss Crawl Hill, which is the highest Hamilton Bermuda point.

Top image: Craig Stanfill (wikipedia), CC BY-SA 2.0
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