Hamilton City

Hamilton City, or Hamilton, as it is known for short, is the capital of Bermuda. Not to be confused with the parish of Hamilton, it can be found in the parish of Pembroke on the north side of Hamilton Harbour. This large and protected harbor is largely to thank for Hamilton City’s role as the Bermuda capital. The central location of the city also had something to do with it overtaking St. George as the capital in 1815. The only full-fledged city in Bermuda, Hamilton City also has the distinction of being home to most of Bermuda’s financial and international businesses. For the average tourist, however, the city’s shops, restaurants, and clubs are likely to hold more interest. In addition to being the financial hub of Bermuda, this is also the territory’s shopping, dining, and nightlife hub. Add in the easy access that Hamilton City offers to all other parts of Bermuda, and it becomes clear that the capital can make for an excellent Bermuda travel base.

Hamilton Bermuda Hotels

Bermuda hotels and vacation rentals that can be found directly on a beach are understandably popular. That being said, many travelers opt to book Hamilton City accommodations instead, or at least one of the hotels that are found in Pembroke Parish. There aren’t exactly a lot of accommodations within the city limits themselves. Thankfully, however, the majority of the Pembroke Parish hotels are just a short bus ride or are even within walking distance of the city center. The advantage to staying within the capital city area has a lot to do with convenience. Many of the best Bermuda shops and restaurants are found in Hamilton, and there is no better place for nightlife around the islands. Also, in relation to transportation, Hamilton features a central bus terminal and the main Bermuda ferry terminal. It is also a major cruise port.

Among the more notable Hamilton Bermuda hotels are the Fairmont Hamilton Princess and the Royal Palms Hotel. The luxurious Fairmont Hamilton Princess is a landmark hotel that basically launched Bermuda’s tourist industry. You can find it on the edge of Hamilton Harbour within walking distance of downtown Hamilton. The Royal Palms Hotel has a reputation for being one of the most sought-after small hotels in Bermuda and is also a rather short walk from downtown Hamilton. As a side note, the Royal Palms is just a 10-minute taxi or scooter ride from Elbow Beach – one of the most renowned beaches in Bermuda.

Hamilton Things To Do

Hamilton Things To Do
Hamilton Things To Do

Shopping is easily one of the most popular things to do in Hamilton City. As mentioned, the Bermuda capital is also a hub for dining and nightlife. You can read more about the city’s shopping scene in the following paragraph. As for other ideas for things to do in Hamilton City, you can take a harbor cruise or simply sit by the bustling waterfront and take it all in. Relaxing in one of the city’s parks, visiting Fort Hamilton, checking out the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, learning about history at the Bermuda Historical Society Museum, and viewing the exhibits at the Bermuda National Gallery are just some of the other options for staying entertained while in town. You can also find more information about these other major attractions below.

Hamilton Bermuda Shopping

Hamilton Bermuda Shopping
Hamilton Bermuda Shopping

Bermuda visitors who are bitten by the shopping bug are encouraged to find their way to the City of Hamilton. As the main shopping center in Bermuda, Hamilton City is home to the highest concentration of shops that you will find in the territory. The majority of the best Bermuda shops are found along Front Street in Hamilton. This street is also known for its high number of restaurants and clubs and is very much the focus of the tourist action in the capital city. Shopping is relaxed and casual along Front Street, and many of the most desirable products that can be found on the shelves are high quality goods from Great Britain and Ireland. Interesting to note is that many of these goods are cheaper to buy in Bermuda than they are in the United States or in their countries of origin. Crystal, jewelry, fine tableware, porcelain, cashmere sweaters, liquor, and Cuban cigars are just some of the things that you can buy during a shopping spree in Hamilton City. Among other things, the Bermuda capital is also a great place to shop for antiques and collectibles. As a side note, Front Street isn’t the only strip to focus on when looking to do some shopping in Hamilton City. Other streets and alleyways around town can also be a joy to explore, especially for more adventurous shoppers.

Hamilton Bermuda Attractions

Hamilton Bermuda Attractions
Hamilton Bermuda Attractions

As you’re quite aware of by now, shops and restaurants figure among the main Hamilton Bermuda attractions. So too do bars and clubs. Other major attractions that have also been mentioned already include the city’s parks, Fort Hamilton, the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, the Bermuda Historical Society Museum, and the Bermuda National Gallery. Among the more notable parks in Hamilton City is Victoria Park. Found near City Hall, it features winding paths, a variety of trees and shrubs, a sunken garden, flower beds in traditional English style, and a band stand that was imported from Scotland. Fort Hamilton was built in the 1870s and offers plenty of historical appeal. It is also a great place to picnic and to savor views of the harbor. The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, also known as the Bermuda Cathedral, was formally consecrated in 1911. Visitors are encouraged to climb the 157 steps to the top of its tower, as the views of Hamilton and beyond are well worth the effort. As for the Bermuda Historical Society Museum and the Bermuda National Gallery, the former offers wonderful insight into Bermuda’s history, particularly as it relates to European influence, while the latter specializes in both Bermudian art and world art.

As a side note, Hamilton City visitors can get information on these and other attractions at the Tourist Information Center. This visitor service venue is situated at the west end of Front Street next to the Hamilton ferry terminal. Among the specific things that are available at the Tourist Information Center are pocket maps and brochures. Also worth noting is that since Hamilton City is a relatively small city, it is easy to explore on foot.

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