Bermuda Honeymoons

Bermuda honeymoons are ideal for newlyweds who are seeking a relaxing slice of paradise for their post-wedding sojourn. Bermuda boasts a good infrastructure for getting around, and it is full of alluring attractions. With an array of accommodations to also choose from, couples can pretty much tailor fit their Bermuda honeymoons to match their personal wants and needs. Some couples will prefer staying in a quaint guesthouse, while others will be more interested in taking advantage of the Bermuda Honeymoon packages that some of the luxury resorts offer. Either way you go, world-class snorkeling and scuba diving, scenic beaches, intoxicating flower gardens, and rejuvenating spas await newlyweds in Bermuda, so you'll have no shortage of ways to spend some quality time with the one you love.

Bermuda honeymoons offer couples numerous ways to spend their time, though you could easily be inclined to spend the bulk of it relaxing on the beach at one of the Bermuda honeymoon resorts. There are many advantages to booking a stay at one of the Bermuda honeymoon resorts, including the fact that you will have an incredible beach at your disposal. Great dining choices, a full range of activities, and remarkable accommodations are just some of the things that the Bermuda honeymoon resorts are known for. Low-stress and beyond idea, Bermuda honeymoons on are on many agendas. Found in Southampton Parish, the luxurious Fairmont Southampton is just one of the choices that you'll want to consider when planning Bermuda honeymoons. It's customary for Bermuda resorts to offer Bermuda honeymoon packages, and the Fairmont offers some of the best. Breakfast and dinner are included in these packages, as is a bottle of champagne and a basket of fruit. The Elbow Beach Resort in Paget Parish is another Bermuda resort that is ideal for Bermuda honeymoons, and the honeymoon packages at this luxurious resort include a candlelit dinner for two that is staged right in your room. Both of these resorts offer great beaches, water sports equipment rentals, spas, and a range of restaurants.

The Bermuda luxury resorts aren't the only choices that you will have when looking for accommodations for your Bermuda honeymoon. For a more casual approach, you might decide to book a stay at 9 Beaches. 9 Beaches is a great lodging option for couples. The accommodations here consist of cabanas that are free-standing, meaning that you will enjoy a relative amount of privacy. Some of these cabanas are set on stilts where the ocean meets the land. Whereas the 9 Beaches cabanas are not luxurious, they are quite delightful nonetheless. The Bermuda bed and breakfasts can be ideal lodging choices for Bermuda honeymoons as well. The Salt Kettle House in Paget Parish is a wonderful Bermuda bed and breakfast, and their cottages are ideal for honeymooners.

While there are hotels in Bermuda that serve up some enticing Bermuda honeymoon packages, some couples might prefer to look to the Bermuda vacation rentals for their accommodations. Apartments, villas, and family-sized houses are just some of the choices for Bermuda vacation rentals, and as far as privacy is concerned, vacation rentals are hard to beat. You'll have everything you'll need in your vacation rental, including a kitchen, and some of the more luxurious vacation rentals allow you to hire a personal butler or chef in case you want your honeymoon to be even more low-stress and luxurious.

The sky is the limit when it comes to arranging an ideal Bermuda honeymoons. With so many different kinds of lodging options to choose from, you can really enjoy the kind of honeymoon that you've always dreamed of here, even if that includes staying on a luxury yacht. Bermuda has an array of great beaches to choose from, so even if you aren't staying at a beachfront hotel, you can enjoy hours of sunning, swimming, and snorkeling. Plus, Bermuda's small size means that no beach here is ever too far away! In addition to beaches, Bermuda also boasts an array of nature parks and reserves, such as the Bermuda Botanical Gardens and the Spittal Pond Nature Reserve. Nature hikes and strolls through fragrant gardens are an excellent way to spend quality time with that someone special. Plan your Bermuda honeymoon today, and enjoy memories that will last a lifetime.

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