Horseshoe Bay Beach

Horseshoe Bay Beach is the most renowned beach in all of Bermuda, and according to many, it's also the prettiest. You won't want to forget your camera when enjoying a Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda visit, as the limestone cliffs that rise up on both sides of the beach present a most picturesque setting. It doesn't hurt that the sand here exhibits a bit of a pinkish hue, which is characteristic of many a Bermuda beach. Due to the fact that the sand on Horseshoe Bay Beach is made up primarily of crushed seashells and coral, it tends to stay relatively cool to the touch. Even on the hottest of days, you can still enjoy barefoot walks without scorching your feet. It's nonstop praise when it comes to this top rated Bermuda Beach, so when you find yourself limited on time during your Bermuda vacation and want to include a beach on the itinerary, Horseshoe Bay Beach makes for an ideal choice.

Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda offers a nicely sized beach, and even though it is generally considered to be the best Bermuda beach around, it still manages to be relatively empty during the weekdays. That's not to say that it doesn't get crowded here, though, which it tends to do during the summer high season. When the beach is crowded, you can head for its western end, where a nice cove offers a much calmer atmosphere. Between the months of May and September, there is a Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda lifeguard on duty, which is always true at some of the other Bermuda beaches. This helps to make Horseshoe Bay Beach an ideal family beach. The water here can get pretty rough from time to time, which is partly the reason why there is a lifeguard. Often times, a Bermuda beach that is devoid of lifeguards will exhibit calmer water conditions.

As for things to do during your Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda visit, snorkeling is a great idea. Novice snorkelers can enjoy the sport as much as experienced ones can, especially down at the small cove where the water tends to remain calmer. Angel fish and parrot fish are in good number here, so you can look out for them and other marine creatures. The concession stand at Horseshoe Bay Beach offers snorkeling equipment that you can rent, and they can also outfit you with things like beach umbrellas and chairs. In case you forget something for the beach, there is also a small shop here selling beach-related wares, such as sunblock, beach towels, and hats. As far as facilities are concerned at this splendid Bermuda beach, there are nice restrooms, changing rooms, and showers available, which is a nice bonus, especially if you don't want to head back to the hotel before grabbing a bite to eat somewhere. When hunger hits during your trip to Horseshoe Bay Beach, the beach house here serves casual fare that is tasty and convenient. On really hot days, an ice cream cone goes a long way.

Horseshoe Bay Beach is in Southampton Parish, where some of best Bermuda hotels can be found. It is a good parish to base yourself in, partly because of beaches like the one at Horseshoe Bay. You can get to Horseshoe Bay by way of moped, taxi, or bus, and it is on Horseshoe Road, just off of South Shore Road. The bus ride is an enjoyable one, not to mention cheap, making it a good option all around. If you don't want to walk the short path to the beach from the bus stop, there is usually a taxi there that will take you the rest of the way for a small fee. For those who have rented scooters, there is parking available near the beach. As mentioned, snacks and casual fare can be ordered at the beach house here, and if you want a more formal meal, there is a more standard restaurant close by as well.

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