Kings Wharf Bermuda

Kings Wharf Bermuda is a port well equipped for cruise ships, the first place many people see when they arrive on the Atlantic island. It’s a place where people being their journey of the islands by getting travel advice, starting tours, or exchanging money. But it’s more than a cruise terminal; before it welcomed cruise ships, the pier was the Royal Naval Dockyard. Today, the 24-acre Kings Wharf remains a prime place to connect with the island’s history. Along with shopping and having fun once you’ve disembarked on the western tip of Bermuda’s Ireland Island North.

Royal Naval Dockyard Attractions

Royal Naval Dockyard Attractions

Royal Naval Dockyard Attractions

After the British lost their foothold on the U.S. mainland when the smoked cleared on the American Revolution, they turned their attention to Bermuda. The Royal Naval Dockyard along Kings Wharf Bermuda remained in use until World War II when it transitioned into a cruise port. The National Museum of Bermuda keeps this history alive in a restored fortress. Queen Elizabeth proceeded over the opening of the museum in 1975. From there, the museum has grown into the caretaker of the island’s unique history. Other attractions at the Royal Naval Dockyard prove interesting as well. Skilled crafters combine sand, heat and other forces to create amazing works of art and utility at the Dockyard Glassworks. Of course you’re able to purchase your favorites after the demonstration is done. You’ll also find artisans busily at work at the Bermuda Clayworks, just one of the many great places for shopping along Kings Wharf.

Royal Naval Dockyard Activities

The artisan crafters are just beginning of the shopping opportunities. Many of the boutiques are clustered at the Clocktower Shopping Mall, where you can shop for treasures liked Scottish wool, crystal, and other collectibles. Other shops are found in a transformed barrel making facility. When it’s time for a break, there are plenty of opportunities to grab a meal or a quick bite to eat. It’s still possible to enjoy tea at 4 p.m. or an evening cocktail. The Dark and Stormy, a combination of rum and ginger beer is an island specialty.

The restaurants near the pier also serve up hearty stews and soups, a blend of flavors and cultures. Of course the things to do aren’t limited to shopping and dining for those arriving by cruise ship. While most visit at Kings Wharf, the more recently opened Heritage Wharf also can handle the newer class cruise ships. Many of those who arrive by cruise ship make their way to Snorkel Park, a family-friendly beach with calm waters perfect for peeking below the surface.

Top image: reivax (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0
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