Bermuda Music Festival

Of all the Bermuda events, the Bermuda Music Festival might be the biggest and most renowned. Formerly the Bermuda Jazz Festival, the Bermuda Music Festival is held in October, and it spans a four-day course, delivering not only local music talents, but international ones as well. You might be surprised by some of the big-ticket names that don the stage to entertain the masses at this music festival in Bermuda. Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson, Kenny G, Chris Botti, and Earth, Wind, and Fire are all past performers at the Bermuda Music Festival, and you can bet that the years to come will only continue to add to the list of impressive acts.

The last three days of the Bermuda Music Festival see top performers putting on a show at the Bermuda National Sports Center, which is found in Devonshire Parish. The Bermuda National Sports Center is an ideal venue for such an event, as it boasts an auditorium that is able to handle sizeable music events. Millions of dollars were spent to build the Bermuda National Sports Center up, and today it is easily able to satisfy international standards. Before the music festival in Bermuda moves to the Bermuda National Sports Center for its final three days, opening night sees the festivities occurring at another venue. The Fairmont Southampton, which is one of Bermuda's top luxury resorts, is one such venue. Opening night will generally see one band perform, while the last three nights typically see two to three different performers. At the National Sports Center, the show usually starts at around 7 p.m., so you'll have all day to hang out at an incredible Bermuda beach before you head over.

In addition to showcasing the music of Bermuda, the Bermuda Music Festival also strives to celebrate Bermudian cuisine and culture. A stage known as the Onion Stage is where you can catch a lot of Bermuda music talents, and it's found near the food court. Savoring some Bermudian food while you listen to Bermudian musicians doing their thing can make for a most authentic and memorable Bermuda travel experience. Unfortunately, the annual music festival in Bermuda is not free, and you will need to buy your Bermuda Music Festival tickets in advance, lest you risk the chance of not getting in by waiting to pay at the door.

Getting your Bermuda Music Festival tickets in advance is a good idea in case the show you want to see sells out, which can definitely happen. The opening night tickets cost less than the tickets for the last three nights, and there is just the general admission option. On the last three nights, there are several different kinds of tickets available, with the Bronze Seating tickets being the cheapest. VIP Bermuda Music Festival tickets can be purchased for those who want enjoy a more complete experience at the music festival in Bermuda. These tickets go for a pretty high price, partly because you get to sit in some prime seats. For those who want to attend all of the three main nights, there is a three-day Festival Pass available, and it will save you from having to buy three separate tickets.

Should you be in Bermuda in early October, then you might as well get your tickets to the Bermuda Music Festival now. As mentioned, tickets can be purchased for each of the respective shows at the door, but if you get yours today, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you can then put the rest of your plans in order without having to worry about everything falling through due to a sellout.

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