New York to Bermuda Cruises

New York to Bermuda cruises can be ideal for upper East Coasters who want to escape to a more tropical destination for a while. For starters, since Bermuda lies approximately 650 miles east of North Carolina, it is easier to get to from New York than it is to the islands further south in the Caribbean. Also lending to the allure of New York to Bermuda cruises is the Bermuda’s highly agreeable climate. During the spring, summer, and fall seasons, the temperatures in this British Oversees Territory tend to hover between the 70 and 85 degree mark. Also, Bermuda doesn’t have a rainy season or a hurricane season. Add in all the great Bermuda attractions, which include beaches and golf courses, and it only becomes more clear that the territory can be a fantastic cruise destination.

Several major cruise lines offer New York to Bermuda cruises. These cruises are typically seven-day adventures that include four days at sea and three days at port. While docked at the port, cruise passengers can explore Bermuda during the day and return to the ship at night. While at sea, they can take advantage of the many facilities that modern-day cruise ships have to offer. Convenience and comfort are basically the names of the game, especially since cruises are basically all-inclusive in nature. While meals are covered, however, cruise passengers should make it a point to dine off the ship at least once during their time in Bermuda. This will allow them to get a true taste of Bermuda cuisine.

Travelers who are interested in booking New York to Bermuda cruises should know that it is often possible to find good deals on such trips. In general, cruise lines operate like airlines, setting initial rates for their voyages and then offering a series of discounts when there is a need to fill up the ship. Those who keep an eye out for special deals can be generously rewarded for their efforts. It can also be a good idea to consult with travel agents when trying to find a good deal on New York to Bermuda cruises, as these travel specialists are known to have privileged access to certain discounts. It should also be noted that cruises from the East Coast to Bermuda don’t only embark out of New York City. Other possible embarkation points include Bayonne NJ, Boston MA, Baltimore MD, Norfolk VA, and Charleston SC.

Top image: Craig Stanfill (wikipedia), CC BY-SA 2.0
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