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Home to some of the best hotels in Bermuda, Paget Parish is understandably one of the more popular Bermuda vacation destinations. A Paget vacation also has some of the best beaches that Bermuda has to offer, and since it's not far from the capital city of Hamilton, you can head into town as you please to explore the shopping and dining possibilities. Paget Bermuda enjoys a south central location in the island chain, and it is separated from Hamilton City by the Hamilton Harbor. To its east is Devonshire Parish, and to its west begins Warwick Parish. All kinds of enthusiasts will enjoy Paget travel, including garden enthusiasts, as this is where the Bermuda Botanical Gardens are located.

Paget Bermuda is named after an English aristocrat who lived between the years of 1572 and 1629. His name was William Paget, and he held the distinction of being the fourth Lord Paget. Like other Bermuda parish namesakes, Paget was tied to the Virginia Company, which was a London-based organization that had its intentions set on settling in the New World. Not only does Paget Parish have some of the best Bermuda hotels and beaches, but it also boasts some great transportation options, making it a most ideal spot to base yourself. The bus and ferry schedules here are really quite convenient, and the ferry trips to Sandys Parish or Warwick Parish from Paget Parish are a great way to get to Bermuda's West End. Bicycling enthusiasts will find a Paget Parish Bermuda getaway ideal for enjoyable bike rides, it's relatively flat terrain and mansion-lined streets presenting a most complementary appeal. For those who like to sightsee on foot, Paget travel offers seaside trails that are great for clearing and rejuvenating the mind.

When it comes to the Paget Bermuda beaches, Elbow Beach is the most renowned. At Elbow Beach, you will find the splendid Elbow Beach Hotel, which has private ownership of some of Elbow Beach. Those not staying at the Elbow Beach Hotel can pay a fee to access their private beach, which is a good idea for those who like their beaches to have some facilities. The public side of the beach lacks facilities, but it is free. The famous Bermuda pink sand can be found at Elbow Beach, as can crystal-clear turquoise water. Another top Paget tourism magnet is the aforementioned Bermuda Botanical Gardens, which is easily the largest public garden in Bermuda. Open daily from sunrise to sunset, the Bermuda Botanical Gardens are free to visitors 362 days out of the year, making them a great Paget travel destination. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, tours of the gardens can be enjoyed. They start at 10:30 a.m., and they are great for learning more about the various plants and flowers here. Of particular interest are the orchids and native trees.

Before or after stopping by the Botanical Gardens on your Paget vacation, you can entertain the notion of passing by Waterville, which is one of Bermuda's oldest homes. Waterville was built in the early 1700s, and the wealthy Trimingham family called Waterville home for seven generations. When heading to Hamilton City to do some shopping on famous Front Street, you might keep an eye out for Trimingham Brothers, which is one of the finer department stores on the strip. The store was founded by James Harvey Trimingham in 1842. Admission back at Waterville is free, and it is open year round, save on holidays. Among the things you'll see here are heirlooms that have been passed down through the Trimingham family lineage. In addition to Waterville visits, a Paget vacation can include walking excurisons at Salt Kettle. Salt Kettle is found on a small peninsula that juts out into the Hamilton Harbor, and its beauty is hard to deny. It was the inspiration, in fact, for several works done by American artist Winslow Homer.

The dining choices in Paget Parish are good, its beaches remarkable, and its hotel choices complete. About the only complaint that one could register with the parish is that the beaches often get crowded, especially during Spring Break.

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Paget Bermuda


Home to some of the best hotels in Bermuda, Paget Parish is understandably o...

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