Pembroke Bermuda

The Bermuda parish of Pembroke isn't exactly the best place to enjoy a tranquil Bermuda vacation and many visitors like it that way. Lively Pembroke Bermuda is where you will find the territory's capital city of Hamilton, and if you like shopping, you are going to love this small city. It's also a great place to hang out if you fancy going to a few pubs. When it's Bermuda nightlife that you're after, Hamilton is definitely a good place to start. Centrally located on Bermuda's main island, Pembroke Parish is where most passengers on Bermuda cruises will arrive, as the port at Hamilton is the territory's most popular docking point for incoming cruise ships. When cruise ships dock here, it's customary for passengers to flood the parish. A good majority will have shopping on their mind, as shopping is a top Pembroke travel interest. Others will prefer relaxing on a beach or enjoying a tour during their Pembroke vacation.

Pembroke Bermuda is small, as are all the nine parishes in the island territory, and it is the most highly populated. In addition to having the greatest population density in Bermuda, Pembroke also sees the most visitors, which is why it stays pretty lively around here, especially in the summer. The parish is named after William Herbert, who was an English aristocrat and the third Earl of Pembroke. He lived from 1580 - 1630, and among his good friends figured one William Shakespeare. When his collected works were first folio printed, Shakespeare dedicated them to William Herbert and his brother. Strangely enough, William Herbert never had the chance to visit the Pembroke Bermuda parish, and as such, some of the early settlers gave it another name. It was known by them as Spanish Point, which was intended to honor a Spanish sailor. Today, the name of Spanish Point survives, only it is now attached to the prominent headland of the Pembroke Parish peninsula. This peninsula juts out into the Great Sound, which is a body of water that largely dominates western Bermuda.

On a Pembroke vacation, there will be some historic sights to visit, but it might just be the shopping and dining possibilities that make Pembroke travel so popular. As with the US Virgin Islands, Bermuda is easily one of the top shopping destinations in the Caribbean, and in the capital city of Hamilton you will find the best Bermuda shops. It makes sense that the main offices for the Bermuda banks are found here. Front Street is the top shopping street in Hamilton City, and among the goods here figure a large amount of British imports. Crystal, fine china, British fashion items, and even Scottish kilts can be purchased when enjoying the relaxing setting of Front Street. Some British goods here are priced lower than they would be in England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, so you can stock up on things like Royal Copenhagen tableware. It is possible to mail an array of products home when shopping in Pembroke Bermuda, which is very convenient. While shopping on your Pembroke vacation, you're bound to get hungry, and as mentioned, the parish has the most plentiful concentration of dining establishments. Finding a tempting restaurant to enter is no problem.

One of the best things about Pembroke travel is the fact that the city of Hamilton is easily navigated on foot. That means that walking tours here are ideal. Among the Pembroke Bermuda attractions figure Fort Hamilton and the Bermuda Historical Society Museum. Fort Hamilton was built in the 1870s under the order of the Duke of Wellington. Made of solid rock, it is quite an accomplishment. Among the highlights at Fort Hamilton are the eighteen-ton guns, the subterranean passageways, and the moat. The moat is now predominantly comprised of lovely gardens, and the site's grassy areas invite picnickers to enjoy some relaxing downtime. Fort Hamilton is open from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and there is a tea shop here where refreshments can be purchased. The Bermuda Historical Society Museum is an intriguing Pembroke Parish Bermuda attractions. The Bermuda Library is housed here, and some of the items visitors can view at the museum include a letter from George Washington that dates to 1775, some Confederate money, and a rare 1624 book that was written by John Smith.

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