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Sandys Parish in Bermuda is where scores of Bermuda visitors head to enjoy the most tranquil part of the island chain. Sandys Parish (pronounced Sands) is unique in many ways from the rest of the Bermuda. During the Civil War in the United States, for example, those living in Sandys Bermuda sided with the Union cause, whereas the rest of Bermuda identified with the Confederates. Less developed than the other parishes, Sandys is ideal for romantic getaways, and anyone who enjoys tranquil versus busy will head here for no other reason. Historical sites, glorious beaches, and natural surroundings are just some of the things that make Sandys travel so coveted, and though it's not the best place to base yourself if you want to explore the rest of Bermuda, that's just fine by most.

As is the case with other Bermuda parishes, Sandys Parish's name honors a past English aristocrat. Sir Edwin Sandys spent his time on earth between the years of 1561 and 1629, and he was a renowned Elizabethan patron, not to mention the son of the Archbishop of York. The parish that bears his name today occupies the far reaches of western Bermuda, which makes it a bit of a stretch from the Bermuda airport, which is on the East End in the parish of St Georges. Getting here by bus is one of the options, and a taxi is a good way to go if you have the funds. Interestingly enough, hopping on a ferry from other Bermuda parishes is an option for getting here, and once in Sandys Bermuda, you can hop on ferries to enjoy various sea excursions. Ferry rides in the inner harbor are a joy all their own, and for those who want to enjoy the capital city of Hamilton for a bit during their Sandys vacation, there is a ferry that leaves from Somerset that can get you there. Sure, you might be located a bit out of the way when Sandys travel is your agenda, but that doesn't mean that you are totally disconnected. After all, Bermuda is small, boasting a land area of just 20.6 square miles.

The Sandys Bermuda parish is actually made up of a few islands, Somerset being one of them, and Ireland Island and Boaz Island being the other two. Since Somerset is where the main town is, folks often refer to the parish as Somerset. The serene bays of Sandys Parish mix well with the region's picturesque and rolling hills, and it doesn't hurt matters that the countryside here is rather lush. The beaches here don't get as crowded as they tend to do in other parts of the territory, and beachgoers looking for a nice place to relax will want to consider the Somerset Long Bay beach in their Sandys travel plans. It's one of the best public beaches in Bermuda. Right next to Somerset Long Bay Beach is the Somerset Long Bay East Nature Reserve, which provides nature-lovers with some welcome stomping grounds. Combining visits to these two great attractions is just one great way to spend some time during your Sandys vacation.

As nice as the beach at Somerset Long Bay is, the top Sandys Bermuda tourist attraction is the Royal Naval Dockyard. A park with Victorian accents, a concert bandstand, and a maritime museum, the Royal Naval Dockyard has plenty to offer visitors. It is impressive to note that the Royal Navy based themselves at this Bermuda dockyard between the periods of American Independence and the Cold War, which is a period of around 175 years. Even if you aren't planning an exclusive Sandys vacation, you should still consider doing what you can to get the Royal Naval Dockyard, even if it's just for a half day. Giving the Royal Naval Dockyard a run for its money for top Sandys Parish Bermuda attractions is Fort Scaur, which looms high on Somerset Island's highest hill. Besides giving insight into the history of Bermuda, Fort Scaur also rewards visitors with walking trails and spots that are ideal for picnics. Fishing off of the fort's rocky shoreline is also possible, so you might bring a fishing rod along for the trip.

The small Somerset Bridge is something of considerable interest for those enjoying Sandys travel, and as far as Bermuda's natural parks are concerned, Hog Bay Park is a pure delight. Hog Bay Park's Sugar Loaf Hill offers some of the absolute best views you will find in Bermuda, which is saying quite a lot. The merits of Sandys Parish Bermuda are many, and Sandys travel can be pretty expensive. But it's worth paying extra to feel like you have part of Bermuda practically to yourself.

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