Bermuda Shopping

Bermuda shopping is a joy, and those planning a Bermuda vacation can certainly add fun shopping trips to the list of things to do. Unlike shopping experiences in some less affluent foreign countries or territories, Bermuda shopping doesn't include pushy salesmen or a hectic atmosphere. The Bermuda shops and markets instead maintain casual and professional operations, and the range of goods that they offer is pretty impressive. Fine china, Irish linens, and English woolen goods are just a few products that you can buy when enjoying a Bermuda shopping spree, and since it is relatively easy to ship goods back home, you won't have to overstuff your suitcase.

Jewelry made in Bermuda is just one of the things that you can look for when hitting some Bermuda shops, and the best Bermuda shops are in Hamilton City. The capital of Bermuda, Hamilton City is a bustling little metropolis, and since it enjoys a port, shipping in goods directly from all over the world is possible. Front Street is the main Bermuda shopping strip, and when in Hamilton City, it is always enjoyable to peruse the many different items at the stores here. In addition to seeing what Front Street has to offer, you can also explore some of the other streets in Hamilton City to seek out some more unique Bermuda shops. Before or after you hit Hamilton City, you can venture over to St George's Town in St Georges Parish. The number of shops here has increased in recent years, and when it comes down to it, St George's Town shopping can pretty much match Hamilton City shopping. Plus, St George's Town has more historical sites, meaning that while you are shopping, you can also enjoy a sightseeing tour.

We've covered the best shopping spots in eastern and central Bermuda, and heading further west, Sandys Parish picks up the slack. This is largely due to the Royal Naval Dockyard, which has become one of Bermuda's top attractions. Local artisans at the Royal Naval Dockyard can be observed at task, and at places like Dockyard Glassworks you can not only observe pieces being made, but you can also buy some. The same goes for the Bermuda Art Centre and the Bermuda Clayworks, both of which are also found at the Royal Naval Dockyard. In addition to Bermuda made art, those looking to see what the overall Bermuda market has to offer can also interest themselves in some of the Bermuda food items. Some hot and spicy Bermuda sherry peppers are something that you might want to take home with you, and there are companies here that incorporate these peppers into a variety of gourmet products. A bottle or two of Bermuda rum can also be something to throw into your suitcase, and for those who really like rum, Bermuda black rum cakes will remind you of your Bermuda vacation after you've returned home.

Before you can hit a Bermuda market or the Bermuda shops, you will have to familiarize yourself with the currency of Bermuda. The Bermuda dollar is the official Bermuda currency, and it is divided into 100 cent denominations. The Bermuda dollar more or less equals the US dollar, as both Bermuda currency and US currency are gold pegged. Interestingly enough, although Bermuda is a British territory, British currency is generally not accepted at hotels, shops, and restaurants. The US dollar, however, is generally accepted at these kinds of Bermuda establishments. You can change money at one of the Bermuda banks, with your best options being in Hamilton City, and there are various ATMs where you can take out some Bermuda currency.

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