Bermuda Snorkeling

Crystal-clear water, coral reefs, and a variety of intriguing marine life await those who include Bermuda snorkeling in their Bermuda vacation plans. Snorkeling is something that almost anybody can enjoy when visiting Bermuda, and all you'll need to have a good time are the tools of the trade — a mask, some fins, and the snorkel, of course. Many public beaches in Bermuda are the ideal spot to enjoy some Bermuda snorkeling, as numerous coral reefs can be found just offshore at a bunch of them. You can also arrange a snorkeling charter where you head further out to sea with a savvy crew for a different kind of adventure. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to suggest that no Bermuda vacation would be complete without at least a smidgen of snorkeling.

When you stay at one of the oceanfront Bermuda resorts, snorkeling equipment is most always available for free or for a small fee. Some of the public beaches also have snorkeling equipment available that you can rent for an agreeable fee. Bringing your own equipment is likely the best way to take advantage of the Bermuda snorkeling possibilities, as you'll be armed with the stuff you'll need to do as much as you please. For the best snorkeling Bermuda has to offer, you can start by including Church Bay on your itinerary. Church Bay is found in Southampton Parish, just off of South Shore Road. A trip down a short walkway gets you to this charming cove, where reefs lie not far offshore.

It's the proximity of the reefs that helps to make Church Bay a top Bermuda snorkel spot, and you'll see an array of colorful fish here, with parrotfish being especially prolific. You can rent sterilized snorkeling equipment at Church Bay, which is also the case at Tobacco Bay Beach. Found in St Georges Parish, Tobacco Bay Beach boasts a sheltered bay that is perfect for doing some snorkeling in Bermuda. The water is pretty shallow here, and the conditions are ideal for both kids and adults. Among the fish you will likely see while snorkeling at Tobacco Bay Beach are butterfly fish, parrot fish, and blue angel fish. Some snorkelers here even report seeing octopus, snapping turtles, and lobsters.

Another top place to go snorkeling in Bermuda is the aptly-named Snorkel Park, which is just one of the fun attractions found at the Royal Naval Dockyard. Plentiful underwater vegetation, an abundance of reef fish, and colorful coral abound at Snorkel Park, and there is a even a snorkel trail here with floating rest stations. For a more involved Snorkel Park experience, you can pair a snorkeling tour with a mini-submarine adventure. These 90-minute tours can accommodate up to six people, and when you split the cost accordingly, it's an all around good deal. Much like Tobacco Bay Beach, Snorkel Park is a good snorkeling destination for cruise ship passengers to consider.

The Bermuda snorkel sites that we've recommended so far are close to shore, but for more snorkeling fun, you can also arrange a snorkeling charter cruise. The reefs that are found further offshore are where scores of ships have met their demise, and you will be able to explore some of these wrecks when you arrange a Bermuda snorkel cruise. Renting a boat and sailing out to sea by yourself to do some snorkeling in Bermuda is also possible, but it's often better to book an organized charter with a reputable company. Not only will the crew of your charter know exactly where to take you, but they will also supply you with the necessary gear, which is an added convenience. Snorkeling in Bermuda can be enjoyed year round, though the colder winter water temperatures often see snorkelers donning wet suits to help them keep warm.

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