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After spending some time in the sun on a Bermuda beach, your skin and hair just might be in need of some repair, and should you set out on a shopping spree in Bermuda's capital city, your dogs will likely be barking by the time you finish perusing the items at those last few stores. A Bermuda vacation can take a lot out of you in a variety of different ways, which is where the Bermuda spas come in. The spas in Bermuda are in good supply, so treating yourself to a rejuvenating and relaxing spa treatment on this island paradise is always a possibility.

Staying at a Bermuda spa hotel is the best way to make sure that you have a spa close by when visiting Bermuda, and some of the top Bermuda hotels and resorts are where you will find the best spas in the land. At Elbow Beach, the Elbow Beach Resort is a top Bermuda spa hotel, and its spa boasts private suites where guests can enjoy an array of holistic treatments in seclusion. The highly-trained therapists at this Bermuda spa resort can have you forgetting all of your cares and worries, not to mention those achy muscles. Two of the six treatment suites at the Elbow Beach Resort spa are couples suites, and as is typical at a Bermuda spa resort, you can choose from an array of special spa packages here. One such package includes top accommodations and eight hours worth of relaxing spa sessions.

On the western side of Bermuda in Sandys Parish, the Cambridge Beaches Resort is another great Bermuda spa resort where you can enjoy luxurious accommodations and a world-class spa experience. Manicures, pedicures, and facials are just some of the basic treatments offered at the Cambridge Beaches' Ocean Spa. Whether you are on your honeymoon or are just enjoying a more general romantic getaway, adding a couple's massage at this exclusive Bermuda spa resort is never a bad idea. Yoga sessions on the beach are a good way to clear your mind at Cambridge Beaches, and much like the spa at Elbow Beach, the highly-trained staff here will do all it can to ensure a most satisfying experience.

Combining spa treatments with some great Bermuda golf is possible when you choose the Newstead Belmont Hills for your Bermuda spa resort. This resort is specifically a golf and spa resort, so you can bet that they know what they are doing on both fronts. The spa at Newstead Belmont Hills offers a range of alluring treatments, including body treatment rituals and hair care. In addition to relaxing massages, facials, and pedicures, visitors to this spa can engage in a number of therapeutic activities, with yoga and meditation figuring among the top choices. Horseback riding, fitness walks, and competitive tennis matches are some of the other side activities that can also be enjoyed when you come calling at the Newstead Belmont Hills Spa, and though it's one of the newer spas in Bermuda, this one is fast becoming a favorite. You can find the Newstead Belmont Hills Resort in Pembroke Parish, and it's not far from Bermuda's capital city, making it an ideal consideration when post-shopping foot massages are in order. The Fairmont Southampton, which is found in Southampton Parish, is another top Bermuda spa hotel worth considering for those who want to experience the best spas that Bermuda has to offer.

Bermuda spas like the ones mentioned here know how to treat their guests, and the treatments they offer can not only help you to better enjoy your Bermuda vacation, but they can also see you returning home as relaxed as possible. You might even find that your friends back home will notice the healthy glow on your face, wishing they themselves had zipped off to Bermuda to enjoy a well-deserved break from it all. Everyone deserves a Bermuda break at some point in their life. Should you get the chance to enjoy one yourself, indulging in a spa treatment at one of the Bermuda spas will only help to make it all the more rewarding.

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