Things To Do In Bermuda

The options for things to do in Bermuda are varied and complete, so getting bored on a Bermuda vacation is really not an option. Temperate weather, a rich and storied history, and some great resorts are just some of the reasons why Bermuda vacations are so rewarding, and once you figure in the Bermuda attractions on top of that, things only get better. Bermuda sightseeing is high on the agenda for most, and since Bermuda boasts a number of parks and nature reserves, staying close to nature can be an aspect of your overall agenda. Any way you slice it, Bermuda vacations are fun, so book yours today and enjoy a piece of England 600 miles off of the North Carolina coast. The following are some of the top recommendations for fun things to do in Bermuda once you get there.

Bermuda Beaches

The Bermuda beaches are arguably the top overall Bermuda attractions, and with so many excellent ones to choose from, it's hard to pick a favorite. Astwood Cove Beach, Horseshoe Bay Beach, and Elbow Beach are some of the best Bermuda beaches, but there are other great ones as well. As you may have already heard, some Bermuda beaches have pink sand, which is most interesting, and many have a number of fun watersports, such as windsurfing, kayaking, and of course, swimming.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

As far as fun things to do in Bermuda are concerned, it's hard to top scuba diving or snorkeling. Both are world class in Bermuda, and with qualified dive shops and scuba charters available, you can be off exploring a reef or a shipwreck in no time. You don't have to book a snorkeling charter to enjoy great snorkeling in Bermuda, however, as some of the best Bermuda beaches offer ideal conditions. Some Bermuda beaches, such as Tobacco Bay Beach, have water sports equipment concessions, and renting a mask, fins, and snorkel is pretty affordable. As for scuba diving, there may be no other dive destination in the world that is better for beginners than Bermuda. Funny thing is, it's just as ideal for experienced divers!

Golf in Bermuda

There are more than half a dozen golf courses in Bermuda, and some even think that one of them is the best public golf course in the world. That's saying quite a bit. The Port Royal Golf Course is a beauty of a public course, and in case your game goes sour when playing it, you can at least enjoy some immaculate ocean views. All the Bermuda golf courses offer ocean views, and while some are relatively short and focus on shot-making, others are longer, eighteen-hole layouts that will likely see you using every club in the bag. Some of the best Bermuda resorts and hotels can be found close to one of these grassy Bermuda attractions.

Bermuda Tours

Bermuda sightseeing is a Bermuda tourism favorite, and booking an interesting side tour is an excellent way to get out and see some of the best that Bermuda has to offer. The choices for Bermuda tours have something for everyone, whether you want to learn about native vegetation at the Botanical Gardens, or are interested in a walking tour in historic St George Parish. Both guided and non-guided tours can be enjoyed by those engaging in Bermuda tourism, and if you are interested in learning all that you can about Bermuda, then tours are surely among the recommended options for things to do in Bermuda.

The Royal Naval Dockyard

A base for British Navy ships from the early 1800s up through WWII, the Royal Naval Dockyard is now one of the top Bermuda tourism draws. Gone are the days when the base was needed for military interests, and now you'll find all kinds of attractions here, including a museum and the up-and-coming Snorkel Park. Shopping for locally made pottery or blown glass is possible at the Royal Naval Dockyard, and you can even watch the artists at work. Offering lots of things to do in Bermuda, the Royal Naval Dockyard aims to please.


Much like Bermuda scuba diving and snorkeling, Bermuda fishing is world class. There are three main kinds of fishing that you can do in Bermuda, one of which is shore fishing. Since you don't need a permit or license to fish in Bermuda it can enjoyed as you please. Grouper, tuna, barracuda, bonefish, and blue marlin are just some of the possible catches of the day when you treat yourself to some Bermuda fishing. Charter a fishing boat to head out to sea, and you'll not only be enjoying Bermuda fishing, but also Bermuda fishing.

Bermuda Spas

There are at least a handful of excellent spas to choose from in Bermuda, and since Bermuda vacations can take a lot out of you, a rejuvenating spa treatment can be just what the doctor ordered. The Fairmont Southampton and Cambridge Beaches are where you will find two of the best spas in Bermuda, and as for things to do in Bermuda, visiting a spa can be the most relaxing. Honeymooners are encouraged to look into romantic spa packages at the Bermuda resorts. Even just a facial and a quick massage can have you feeling like a million bucks.

Festivals in Bermuda

Several amazing festivals take place on this beautiful island, including the four-day-long Bermuda Music Festival in October. This festival brings in performers from around the world. While the music festival is one of the most well-known events in Bermuda, events here range from live music to a culinary festival to sporting events, ensuring that any time of year there is a fun event or festival to add something extra to your trip.

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