Tobacco Bay Bermuda

Tobacco Bay Beach is a popular place to hang out in St Georges Parish, which is found on the far East End of Bermuda. Cruise ship passengers docking at the port of St George's Town often head straight for Tobacco Bay Beach, partly because it is so close. St George's Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and walking tours here are an ideal complement to spending time at the beach. Tobacco Bay tends to get crowded during the summer season and when cruise ships are at port.

Tobacco Bay Bermuda, located on the northern end of Bermuda, is one of the national parks and among the popular beaches in the territory. Not far from the bay, visitors can travel to other destinations, including St. George and Fort St. Catherine. In addition to the gorgeous landscape and underwater activities, vacationers can engage in a variety of other local endeavors, from dining to hair braiding. Visitors may also enjoy the exciting history that touches the area. Known as the 1775 “Gunpowder Plot,” a group of Bermudians rolled gunpowder stolen from the St. George’s British magazine to Tobacco Bay and shipped it to America in an effort to assist the cause for American Independence.

Tobacco Bay Bermuda Beach

Tobacco Bay Beach is comprised of soft, white sand, and much like nearby Achilles Bay Beach it is small and intimate. Families will find that Tobacco Bay Beach is ideal for them, as there is a casual place to eat onsite, as well as a concession stand for beach-related rentals. You can nab a beach chair and a beach umbrella, should you please, and when it's time to cool off, heading into the shallow, crystal-clear waters for a swim is delightful. Tobacco Bay Beach is almost completely surrounded by rock outcroppings, which help to form a shallow and inviting cove for swimming. These rocks rise up on both sides of the beach, and they extend out into the water. You can climb up to the top of some of them to enjoy a nice view out to sea. Diving off of the rocks is also fun, though it's not encouraged at low tide. There are no lifeguards at Tobacco Beach, but since the water is shallow close to the beach, it is a relatively safe place to swim. 

Tobacco Bay Bermuda Snorkeling

Because of the rich and thriving coral reef that expands off the coast in this area, Tobacco Bay is a highly coveted destination for snorkelers and divers. Snorkeling equipment is available for rent, as well as purchase for those who intend to experience a regular amount of snorkeling while vacationing here. The bay is protected and separated from the ocean by large formations of limestone, making it an ideal place for children and inexperienced swimmers; much of the snorkeling can be done within standing distance of the shore. You can rent snorkeling equipment onsite, and kids and adults will find the conditions to be ideal for the sport, even if it's their first time. Among the fish you will likely see while snorkeling at Tobacco Beach Bermuda are butterfly fish, parrot fish, and blue angel fish. Some snorkelers here even report seeing octopus, snapping turtles, and lobsters. The water temperature in the small cove is generally warmer than the ocean just beyond the rocks, which also encourages visitors to spend plenty of time swimming and snorkeling.

Hotels near Tobacco Bay

One of the most charming aspects of staying near Tobacco Bay is the selection of accommodations, which are mostly quaint establishments, providing unique local experiences, such as Aunt Neas Inn at Hillcrest, situated in St. George. Built in the early 18th century, this hotel offers guests the chance to experience a quiet and nostalgic atmosphere, enhancing the surrounding landscape of the area.

Arranging a Tobacco Beach Bermuda side trip is easy when hanging out in St Georges Parish. You can hop on a bus to get here from St George"s Town, and the ride only takes about ten minutes. Taxis are also available for those who want to cut the travel time down even more, though hailing a cab will cost you more. Outdoor enthusiasts heading to Tobacco Bay Bermuda will appreciate the fact that the Walsingham Nature Reserve is just a few miles away, and trips to the reserve are a good way to extend your time outdoors here. Historical attractions in and around St George's Town include the Old Rectory, which is also a bed and breakfast, and Fort St. Catherine, where a small museum can be found. Fort St. Catherine was originally built in the 1600s by early settlers from England, and though it has been rebuilt a few times over the decades, it is still a most impressive historical structure.

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