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Adding some Bermuda tours to your Bermuda vacation plans can be a great way to maximize your overall experience in this island territory. Bermuda boasts a myriad of interesting historical attractions, not to mention some pretty stunning beaches and interesting towns, making Bermuda sightseeing tours a natural favorite. Extended tours of Bermuda reveal an array of intriguing sights and experiences, and even if you just have time for a short Bermuda tour, it will be well worth your time. Guided tours are available in Bermuda, but you can also arrange your own personal tours sans guide if you please, so add a few tours to your Bermuda itinerary, and enjoy some of the best that this small chain of islands have to offer.

Since Bermuda only has a land mass of about 20.6 square miles, tours of Bermuda can see you effectively making your way through all of the 9 separate parishes. Walking tours are exceptionally popular in Bermuda, partly due to Bermuda's small size, and grabbing a bicycle for an exploratory bike tour is always a possibility. Walking tours in St George's Town and Hamilton City are surely ideal for those who want to do some sightseeing. Hamilton City is the capital of Bermuda, and a walking tour here provides panoramic views of the harbor, taking in the exhibits at the Bermuda Historical Society Museum, and catching glimpses of both the Parliament Building and the Cabinet Building. In St Georges Parish on Bermuda's East End, historic St George's Town begs to be toured by foot. The town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and sights here include the 1690s Bridge House and St Peter's Church. Bermuda sightseeing tours in these two cities can certainly include some interesting attractions. Bike tours in both of these cities are just as rewarding as walking tours, and when you choose a bike tour over a walking tour, it will be easier to make a quick dash for the beach when you need a little refreshment.

Bermuda boat tours are a good way to do some sightseeing as well, and since Bermuda is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, getting out on the water here is easy as could be. Sure, you can rent your own boat and arrange your own Bermuda sightseeing tours on the high seas, but getting a guide to take you out is probably a better option. Sailing out to a reef to enjoy some world-class snorkeling is one of the best things to do when enjoying Bermuda boat tours, though you can always choose to stay onboard too. Bermuda boat tours are just one way to get out on the water, and when you find yourself in need of an adrenaline rush, perhaps a jet ski tour will pique your interest. Anyone can enjoy a fun-filled jet ski tour, which generally last from an hour to two hours. The two-hour jaunts usually bring you to a few choice beaches before you head off for the Royal Naval Dockyard. Other maritime-related Bermuda tours include whale watching expeditions and kayak tours.

Bermuda sightseeing tours that nature lovers will want to consider involve visiting a nature reserve or some attractive gardens. In Paget Parish, you can arrange a tour of Waterville Gardens before heading on to the Paget Marsh. Your guide will be a local historian, so learning a bit about Bermuda history as you go is part of the deal. A guided tour at the Spittle Pond Nature Reserve can also be paired with a visit to the historic home at Waterville. The Spittle Pond Nature Reserve is the largest pond/bird sanctuary in all of Bermuda. Free Bermuda tours are always good Bermuda tours, and the Bermuda Institute for Ocean Sciences offers a free 90-minute tour. The Bermuda Botanical Gardens also offers free 90-minute tours.

Free or not, Bermuda tours are always worth considering when you are in Bermuda. With so many interesting ones to choose from, you could ideally enjoy a Bermuda tour every day of the week. Often times, Bermuda tours can be the highlight of your trip, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Be sure to snap some pictures when enjoying Bermuda sightseeing tours, just so you can show your friends back home all that they missed out on.

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