Bermuda Transportation

Since nonresidents of Bermuda are not allowed to drive cars, they are generally forced to depend on the other Bermuda transportation options. Of course, your own two feet can get you from point A to point B, and since Bermuda is so small, walking to any number of nearby attractions is usually possible. You can turn to Bermuda bike rentals for a way of getting around, though after a while, you might wish that you had rented a motor bike instead. The motor bikes for rent here tend to be scooters or mopeds, and often times you can rent them through your hotel. Care should be taken when riding these motor bikes, especially when the roads are wet. Also, since the roads tend to be narrow here, Bermudian drivers are known to push motor bike riders uncomfortably close to the edge of the road. If you are a bit timid, you might prefer to go by way of taxi instead.

Taxis aren't the most affordable Bermuda transportation option, but they are very convenient. You can sit back and leave the driving up to someone else. And it helps that the driver will already know how to get you to your destination. Many Bermuda hotels take the stress out of calling a cab by calling it for you, as do a good amount of Bermuda shops and restaurants. Some taxis in Bermuda have blue flags on their hoods, which means that the driver doubles as a tour guide. If you have a few specific Bermuda attractions in mind, you can take a taxi tour and probably have the chance to experience everything on your list. In addition to taxis, Bermuda visitors can also hire a luxury tour van to get them around. Sightseeing tours in these vans are a good idea if you need more room than a cab can provide.

Hopping on a Bermuda bus to get where you need to go is the cheapest Bermuda transportation option. The Bermuda buses cover all the main Bermuda routes, and when you stay at one of the Bermuda hotels, there will almost always be a bus stop very close by. Top Bermuda attractions, such as the Royal Naval Dockyard, are usually included on the Bermuda bus routes, and in historic St George Parish, there is a mini-bus service that can shuttle you about the region. Once you get the hang of using the Bermuda buses, which won't take long, you can use them for pretty much all your Bermuda transportation needs. They'll certainly save you a bunch on cab fares.

When time is tight or you are looking for a unique way to get to your intended Bermuda destination, going by way of a Bermuda ferry can be a most agreeable method. There are two main Bermuda ferry routes. One crosses the Great Sound, and it links Hamilton City in Pembroke Parish with Somerset in Sandys Parish. Even if you don't have any real agenda, enjoying a Bermuda ferry ride across the Great Sound is a wonderfully relaxing sightseeing adventure. The second major Bermuda ferry route connects Hamilton City to both Paget Parish and Warwick Parish.

Rounding out the Bermuda transportation options are horse-drawn carriages, which are a most charming way to go. You can hire a horse-drawn carriage in Bermuda for a number of different reasons, but usually speed is not one of them. Instead, this form of transportation is better suited for those with a bit of time to spare. Newlywed couples usually like to enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride on their big day, and it is a very romantic way to get to the reception hall. Horse-drawn carriage rides in Bermuda are pretty expensive on average, though they are nice to enjoy if you have room in the budget.

The Bermuda transportation options are many, so finding a way to get around during your Bermuda vacation should present few problems.

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