Bermuda Vacation Rentals

Bermuda vacation rentals come in an array of shapes, sizes, and styles, and when you're planning your Bermuda vacation, it never hurts to look into the vacation rental options. Many times, the vacation rentals in Bermuda will cost you as much as a hotel room, and it's nice to forego the hotel route once in a while to enjoy a different kind of lodging experience here. Vacation rentals in Bermuda typically consist of apartment-style units, small cottages, family homes, and villas. There are really some good choices all over Bermuda, making it hard to pinpoint the best spots. It really comes down to personal taste. Time shares are also available for rent in Bermuda, and for those who are interested, house swapping is becoming ever more popular. You can find Bermuda vacation rentals in all nine Bermuda parishes, which means staying at one will be an option no matter where you base yourself.

A good amount of the vacation rentals in Bermuda will have you close to a beach, and since the Bermuda beaches are one of this British territory's prime tourist draws, staying close to one is a real treat. Waking in the morning to a view of the ocean is never a bad thing, really. Some of the more expensive Bermuda vacation rentals are as a result closer to a beach, and should there be room in the budget, it's a great way to go. All, or at least most, of the vacation rentals in Bermuda are self-contained, which means that you will have everything you'll need to enjoy a most satisfying stay. Basic toiletries and fully-equipped kitchens are typically standard in the vacation rentals here, and many offer extras like home entertainment systems, DVD selections, and bathrooms with separate showers and tubs. For some, a certain amount of luxury will be part of the plan when choosing a vacation rental in Bermuda, while others will be quite content with a more standard approach. Great for families, honeymooners, individuals, and groups of friends alike, the vacation rentals in Bermuda have an ideal property waiting for you.

Bermuda apartment rentals are generally more affordable than Bermuda vacation home rentals, primarily because of space. While the Bermuda vacation home rentals are also usually high on amenities, the apartment rentals tend to not be too shabby either. At Ocean Sound in Smith's Parish, there are two nice apartments for rent, for example, and not only are they within walking distance of John's Smith Beach, but you'll also enjoy amenities like a fully-equipped kitchen, cable TV, a DVD player, central air-conditioning, and even a washer and dryer. Nestled on a residential hillside, these apartments lead out to a small pool, and you're just five minutes away from the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo. These aren't the only apartments for rent in Bermuda by any means, however. Sandys Parish and Southampton Parish are two of the best Bermuda parishes when it comes to finding apartment rentals, and as one might imagine, the urban areas of St George's Town and Hamilton City are also ideal places to look. Perhaps an apartment rental near the beach in Warwick Parish will pique your interest.

The Bermuda vacation home rentals can get quite luxurious, especially if you opt for one of the nicer Sandys Parish or Southampton Parish offerings. For something a bit more affordable, you might go with the Taylor House. It's found in St George's Town in St Georges Parish, where some of Bermuda's best historical attractions can also be found. The Taylor House is historic itself, and this three-bedroom abode isn't overly luxurious, but it is very clean, comfortable, and full of charm. As is the case with apartment rentals in Bermuda, Sandys Parish and Southampton Parish are two of the best spots for finding your ideal Bermuda vacation home, especially if luxury Bermuda vacation rentals are your aim. In Southampton, for example, there is a waterfront, four-bedroom home for rent that is sure to be a most enviable address.

Some of the best Bermuda vacation home rentals, and apartment rentals for that matter, will have you on or very near the water, as is the case with most of the top rentals in Southampton, Sandys, and Warwick parishes, where some of the best Bermuda beaches can be found. Regardless of which Bermuda vacation rental you go with, however, this island territory is relatively small, so you'll be able to head off to other areas as you please without burning a lot of time in transit. The best time to visit Bermuda is in the summer, which is the peak season, and you can expect the rates at the vacation rentals in Bermuda to increase during the summer months. Searching for vacation rentals in Bermuda is something that you can do on your own, or you can enlist the help of an agency.

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