Warwick Bermuda

Much like its neighboring parish to the west, Warwick Parish boasts one of the best public beaches in the Caribbean island territory of Bermuda. Warwick Long Bay Beach is a great place to seek out some fun in the sun during your Bermuda vacation, and since Warwick Parish is rather tranquil and somewhat centrally located, it makes for a nice base for Bermuda visitors. As for your Warwick holiday accommodations, the hotels are few, but there are some nice apartment and cottage rentals available. At Astwood Cove, for example, the eponymous lodging complex offers self-contained apartment rentals, as well as extras that include a pool and sauna, gas barbecues, bicycle rentals, and coin-operated laundry machines. One of the best advantages to staying in such units is the option to prepare some of your own meals, which helps to cut down on food expenses. Since Warwick Bermuda is not exactly known for its wealth of restaurants, having accommodations with a kitchen can be a smart way to go.

Named after Robert Rich, who lived from 1587 to 1658 and was thesecond Earl of Warwick, the Warwick Bermuda parish is found in the south central region of the island territory, and it borders Southampton Parish to the west and Paget Parish to the east. Those enjoying Warwick travel will have somedelectable beaches to choose from, and in addition to Warwick Long Bay Beach, visitors can find wonderful sandy stretches at Chaplin Bay and Jobson's Cove. Chaplin Bay, named after Charlie Chaplin, lacks the changing facilities and concessions that Horseshoe Bay Beach offers to the west in Southampton, but it does boast picturesque cliffs, pink sand, and inviting turquoise waters, whichare enough to appease most. Jobson's Cove is a small beach, and its attributes rival those at Chaplin Bay.

At the Warwick Bermuda beaches those who love the outdoors will feel at home, much like they also will at Warwick Pond. A bird sanctuary, Warwick Pond is a sizeable freshwater pond, and recent improvements to this natural area have made it more enjoyable to visit than ever. While walking the trail here, you can take a break at the lookout deck and enjoy views of the pond. Several signs at Warwick Pond help visitors identify and understand some of the area's wildlife. For a more rigorous hike, Tribe Road No. 7 offers scenic trails that climb hills and descend down dales. Tribe Road No. 7 links the major thoroughfares of South Road and Middle Road. It also provides visitors with access to the rural sightseeing tracks of Spice Hill Road and the Bermuda Railroad Trail, which afford visitors the opportunity to do some more natural sightseeing.

Spending time on a beach, a golf course, or a nature trail are great ideas for fun things to do on a Warwick holiday, but when you get that inkling to check out a few historical attractions, Christ Church and Warwick Camp make for ideal destinations. Christ Church can be found on Middle Road not far from the Belmont Golf Course. It was built in 1719, and though it is today part of the Church of Scotland, its early days saw it as an independent Presbyterian church. If you are visiting the church on Sunday, you can attend the 8 a.m. or 11 a.m. mass. Warwick Camp was where the Imperial military garrison had its former rifle ranges, and today the Bermuda Regiment calls it home. Those interested in all things military will especially want to add a visit to Warwick Camp in their Warwick travel plans.

Warwick Parish Bermuda vacations can be just what the doctor ordered when you are looking to get a break from daily life back home. Anglers making Warwick travel plans can do some fishing on the Great Sound, and horseback riding enthusiasts will find that a Warwick holiday offers the best Bermuda horseback riding, hoofs down. The Warwick Parish beaches surely won't let you down, and with an array of natural sights to explore, Warwick Parish will make nature-lovers feel quite at home.

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