Bermuda Weddings

Bermuda weddings are ideal for couples who are looking to make their most memorable day even more unforgettable. Bermuda's island chain offers up some picturesque beaches that set the perfect stage for romantic ceremonies. As such, many couples opt to have a Bermuda beach wedding. But the stunning beaches here aren't the only possible settings for your big day. There are reportedly more churches in Bermuda per square mile than there are anywhere else in the world, and historical homes like Waterville offer up nostalgic gardens with undeniable charm. Often more affordable than traditional weddings back home, Bermuda weddings also let you start your honeymoon as soon as you finish saying your vows.

Once you decide that Bermuda weddings are for you, the fun-filled planning can begin. It's relatively easy to plan your Bermuda wedding. As anyone who's planned a wedding back home knows, that is not often the case. Before you can make your Bermuda wedding a reality, the first thing you'll have to do is register your Notice of Intended Marriage with Bermuda's Registry General. There is a fee for this process. Once the Registry General receives your notice, it will then be published in one or both of the Bermuda newspapers. After a period of fifteen days, and barring any formal objections, your Bermuda marriage license will be issued. Once your marriage license is issued, it will be sent back to you with three months to act on it. You're now ready to put your Bermuda wedding plans in motion.

The first concern when planning Bermuda weddings is usually where to have the ceremony. As mentioned, a Bermuda beach wedding is a popular way to go, and beaches like Astwood Cove Beach are utterly ideal. Not only is the beach stunningly beautiful at Astwood Cove, but there is also a park here offering more great ocean views. Astwood Cove is one of Bermuda's pink-sand beaches, and while the pink color of the sand here is fairly light, it adds a nice, romantic touch. The top Bermuda beach resorts can help you plan the perfect Bermuda beach wedding, and several of these resorts offer great Bermuda wedding packages that are low on stress and high on satisfaction. The Grotto Bay Beach Resort, the Fairmont Southampton Resort, and the Elbow Beach Resort all offer Bermuda wedding packages, and since they supply the wedding planners, you won't have to worry about things like a cake or a photographer. You can also contact a wedding planner outside of the resorts, or plan your wedding on your own. As a side note, hurricanes are something to consider when planning a Bermuda beach wedding. June to November is the official hurricane season in Bermuda, so you can plan accordingly if you are concerned.

The laws in Bermuda allow weddings to take place in all the territory's public spaces, so in addition a Bermuda beach wedding, you can head to the Botanical Gardens, or opt for the aforementioned grounds at Waterville. The Botanical Gardens, which are in Paget Parish, offer such delights as banyan trees, a rose garden, and native palmettos, and scores of Bermuda weddings either situate the ceremony here or at least arrange to take some wedding pictures onsite. Waterville, which is also in Paget Parish, is one of the oldest homes in Bermuda, and is surrounded by flowering roses. On Bermuda's East End, Fort St Catherine presents another unique setting for Bermuda weddings. An impressive structure indeed, Fort St Catherine looks out to a crystal-clear, turquoise sea, which only adds to its attraction.

When looking for Bermuda wedding packages, you might interest yourself in a Bermuda cruise wedding. You can have your ceremony aboard the cruise ship, which will also be your mode of getting to Bermuda. Various cruise ships have chapels, and the Bermuda wedding packages that the cruise companies offer will include activities on shore once your ceremony is finished. A Bermuda cruise wedding is easy to plan, and since Bermuda cruises are pretty much all inclusive, you can spend more time focusing on the one you love and less time worrying about all the details. When planning Bermuda weddings, you can organize an affair for two, or bring some friends and family along. Many Bermuda wedding packages allow you to include activities for not only the bride and groom, but also for guests. Plus, since there are so many fun things to do in Bermuda, you can bet that everybody in your wedding party will have a great time.

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