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Deciding when to take your Bermuda vacation will be one of the biggest decisions that you'll have to make regarding your trip. Travel in Bermuda is a wonderful thing any time of year, really, but when you have certain weather conditions in mind, or want to catch a certain Bermuda event, then that can certainly make your mind up for you. Some folks will enjoy their Bermuda vacation whenever they are able to free up sufficient time for it, which sometimes doesn't involve a lot of decision making. If you can only manage to get a week or two off in June, for example, you will take your Bermuda vacation in June.

For those who have a little more flexibility, various considerations like weather, festivals, and possible activities will play a key role when deciding when to go. The summer season is when most visitors travel in Bermuda, and while June, July, and August are probably the busiest months overall, the entire span of months from April to October is really one big extended peak season. As such, December through March is the low season for travel in Bermuda. Activities like swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling are best enjoyed during the extended summer season, as the water is warmer for starters. Bermuda water temperatures can reach the upper 80s in the summer, and while it does get rather muggy in the midsummer months, the summertime temperature in Bermuda will rarely climb over 85 degrees.

Bermuda cools down rather significantly in the winter, so if fun in the warm sun is your idea of an ideal Bermuda vacation, you will want to avoid the winter. The Bermuda waters cool off as well in the winter, though with a wet suit you shouldn't even notice the 66 to 75 degree water temperatures. Though it cools down in the winter months in Bermuda, that doesn't mean that it gets frigid. The temperatures are more akin to spring-like temperatures, and you can still enjoy great Bermuda activities like tennis and golf during this time. There is no rainy season in Bermuda,but it can rain out of nowhere at any given moment. More often than not, the rain and cloudy skies don't last long, however. June to November is hurricane season in Bermuda, though this hardly means that hurricanes are inevitably on the way. Plus, with the modern-day satellite forecast capabilities, you'll likely know well ahead of time if a hurricane is going to affect your trip. In any event, you will want to consider looking into travel insurance when planning a Bermuda vacation during the hurricane season.

Once you've figured the weather out, deciding when to enjoy your Bermuda vacation might next depend on specific events or festivals that you want to experience. The Bermuda Music Festival is a remarkable, four-day event showcasing Bermudian musicians as well as top-name international musicians and performers. This festival takes place in early October, and if you have your heart set on it then aBermuda vacation in October is for you. Families looking to head to Bermuda will likely be interested in knowing when the best time for Bermuda family vacations is. Bermuda family vacations are arguably most ideal in the true summer months, meaning June, July, and August, as this is when the kids are usually on summer breaks. Also, since most kids will enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and other water-related activities, the warm summer months are the best way to go. Many top Bermuda resorts offer summer kids' programs, which helps to make the summer months the best time for Bermuda family vacations. While the kids are occupied with games and activities, the parents can steal away for massages, a relaxing dining experience, or even just some quiet down time.

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