Best Caribbean Resorts

Ranking the best Caribbean resorts is bound to be contentious. Each traveler has different tastes and priorities. Everyone has his or her own favorite island or beach. With so many top Caribbean luxury resorts, finding the best can be a challenge.

Although there are top Caribbean luxury resorts on most islands, several islands are stocked almost exclusively with upper-end hotels. Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands is particularly attractive to the discriminating traveler. Bitter End Yacht Club and Little Dix Bay are two top Caribbean all inclusive resorts on the island. Peter Island, a tiny speck of land in the BVI, is home to the Peter Island Resorts, one of the most exclusive of all top Caribbean all inclusive resorts.

St. Barthelemy (or St. Barth's) has many top Caribbean luxury resorts. St. Barth's Hotel Isle de France is one of the best Caribbean resorts on any island, but there are few bad lodging places on St. Barth's.

Other islands to look to for top Caribbean luxury resorts include Turks & Caicos, Barbados, Grand Cayman, St. Kitts and Nevis, and St. Lucia. Nevis, part of the tiny island country of St. Kitts and Nevis, has several top resorts; Four Seasons and Nisbet Plantation Beach are among the best. Generally, the best Caribbean resorts are on the smaller islands. Jamaica and Puerto Rico have their share of good hotels and all inclusive resorts, but smaller islands like Nevis have the more intimate, exclusive hotels.

Curtain Bluff Hotel on Antigua finds a perennial place on the Conde Nast list of top Caribbean luxury resorts. Its beaches have to be seen to be believed. The service is as impressive as the location. The rooms are exquisite. Extras like free scuba diving and deep sea fishing make Curtain Bluff an exemplar of what top Caribbean all inclusive resorts can be.

The best Caribbean resorts are, unsurprisingly, heavy on the wallet. Expect to pay $350 a night and up for most of the resorts mentioned above. This generally includes meals, drinks, and other complimentary extras, but that is not necessarily the case. Savings can be had by booking a package that includes flights and accommodation and by visiting in the off-season (May to November), but the best resorts are never cheap.

Sometimes, though, a dream vacation worth a splurge. If you are ready to invest in serenity and luxury, one of the top Caribbean luxury resorts is the place to go.

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