1000 Steps

1000 Steps is one of the most renowned beaches in Bonaire, and it's also one of the island's top dive sites. A Thousand Steps dive is something that the most seasoned of divers won't forget, and even if you don't engage in underwater exploration, a visit is bound to prove memorable. The hike down to the beach is part of the reason why a 1000 Steps visit is hard to forget. From the main road, visitors will have to negotiate the 67 steps that lead down to the beach. There might only be 67 steps that lead down to this beautiful beach and dive site, but it can feel like 1000 on the way up. This is how 1000 Steps got its name.

1000 Steps
1000 Steps

If you want to go scuba diving at 1000 Steps Bonaire, there is no way to avoid the fact that you'll have to get your gear both up and down the 67 limestone steps. Some divers make multiple trips to try to lighten the load, while others load everything up and try to make it in one trip. Once it comes time to enter the water, the entry from the shore should be relatively easy. The swim to the drop off is a short one, and there is an excellent reef to explore. The Bonaire Marine Park goes to great lengths to protect its reefs and area waters, and this reef is teeming with life. In addition to an array of colorful fish, anyone on a Thousand Steps dive can also admire colorful coral and sponges.

In addition to scuba diving at 1000 Steps Bonaire, visitors can also go snorkeling. The waters are usually relatively calm, not to mention relatively shallow until the drop off. Thanks to the clarity of the water, it's not necessary to dive deep to admire the marine life. As for the beach at 1000 Steps, it's a small strip of sand that is backed by dry cliffs and shrubs. Cacti, which are abundant on the island of Bonaire, are scattered about, and the overall atmosphere is very inviting. The view from the top of the limestone steps is particularly impressive.

1000 Steps is located on the west coast of Bonaire about five miles north of Kralendijk. Even though this beach and dive site is renowned, it manages to stay relatively deserted, so it can be an excellent place to simply kick back and take a break from it all. As for some of the other top rated Bonaire dive sites that you might consider, they include Karpata and Hilma Hooker, among many others.

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