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Bonaire Airport is the third largest airport in the Netherlands Antilles, with the airports on the islands of St Maarten and Curacao being the largest and busiest in the chain. Coincidentally, the airport on the Dutch island of Aruba is also larger than Bonaire's airport. The Flamingo International Airport is the name of the airport in Bonaire, and while it is relatively small, direct flights from a few international destinations arrive here. As Bonaire tourism continues to increase in popularity, it is safe to say that the island's airport will accept more direct flights in the future. The IATA airport code for Bonaire's airport is BON. You are likely to come across this code when searching for Bonaire flights, and it might come in handy for recognition purposes.

Airport in Bonaire
Airport in Bonaire

Most of the direct flights to the Bonaire Airport originate out of Amsterdam, though it is also possible to fly direct from a variety of North American cities. Direct flights also originate out of some of the other Caribbean islands, including Puerto Rico. Regardless of where your Bonaire flight departs from, the Flamingo International Airport will be your final arrival point. Much like the flamingos that live on the island, the Bonaire Airport is pink in color, making it extra easy to spot on the approach. The Bonaire capital of Kralendijk is where the airport is found, and it's a short five-minute drive from the terminal to the downtown area. Many air travelers rely on taxis when it comes to airport transportation, and it's also possible to rent a car.

Several car rental companies have desks at BON, and having a car can be ideal for travelers who want to enjoy extra freedom when it comes to transportation. If you're not interested in renting a car at the Kralendijk Airport, you can take a taxi to your hotel or vacation rental. Some of the hotels offer complimentary airport transportation, and those that don't can usually help guests arrange it. There are also a variety of Bonaire vacation packages that include either a car rental at the airport or an airport transfer of some kind. Since the airport is so close to the Kralendijk hotels, a taxi ride won't be tremendously expensive, nor will it take very long. Most of the Bonaire hotels are found in the Kralendijk area, as can many of the island's vacation rentals.

Whether you are arriving on a flight or departing on one, there are a few ways to spend your down time at the Flamingo International Airport. This might not be the biggest airport in the Caribbean, but it does boast some good facilities. These facilities include a few restaurants, a smoking area, a VIP lounge, and a small collection of shops. The shops come in the form of a liquor shop, a perfume shop, and a shop that sells souvenirs. In 2005, the Flamingo International Airport added a special showcase to help greet air travelers. This showcase highlights the island's business and tourism possibilities. On the tourism side of things, scuba diving and windsurfing figure among the top things to do.

In addition to a special showcase that highlights the island's finest attributes, the Bonaire Airport also recently added a new departure hall. This hall serves to make the travel experience more rewarding for Bonaire visitors. As is true of the hall that handles the Bonaire flight arrivals, the departure hall can be found on the ground level. Both the arrival hall and the departure hall at BON can easily be accessed by passengers with disabilities, and the individual airlines are happy to provide wheelchairs and general assistance for passengers in need.

Most Bonaire visitors arrive by plane. Flying isn't the only option, however. Cruise ships also visit this gem of an island, and a Bonaire cruise often includes stops at some other fantastic destinations.


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