All Inclusive Bonaire

All inclusive Bonaire trips can be just what the doctor ordered when a break from the everyday grind is in order. Bonaire all inclusive vacations tend to revolve around water-related activities, as this Caribbean island is surrounded by some of the cleanest and most enticing waters in the world. The Bonaire Marine Park goes to great lengths to police its waters, and as such, the reefs and marine life are thriving. An all inclusive Bonaire diving vacation is what many visitors to the island have in mind, and it's not hard to understand why.

Should you be interested in an all inclusive Bonaire escape, then you will most likely end up staying at an all inclusive resort. The bulk of the resorts on this island in the Netherlands Antilles offer all inclusive packages, and you can also opt for other kinds of packages or simply purchase what you want to do along the way. For a small island, Bonaire boasts a good amount of enticing restaurants, so dining out as opposed to dining at the resort is bound to prove tempting. Thankfully, the restaurants at the Bonaire all inclusive resorts boast some of the best restaurants in the land, so finding something good to eat shouldn't be hard.

In addition to most, or all of their meals and drinks, guests at the all inclusive resorts on the island of Bonaire can also enjoy a range of complimentary activities, with snorkeling and diving among the most popular. The best snorkeling and diving in Bonaire can be enjoyed off the leeward coast. As such, this is where the bulk of the Bonaire all inclusive resorts can be found. The most luxurious resort that you can stay at on an all inclusive Bonaire diving vacation is the Harbour Village Beach Club (pictured). No resort or hotel on the island offers as many amenities or services, though the Plaza Resort is known for offering the most in the way of complimentary activities. The Plaza Resort might not be as luxurious as the Harbour Village Beach Club, but it still manages to offer a considerable amount of luxury for guests to enjoy.

If you can't quite swing the rates at Harbour Village or the Plaza Resort on your all inclusive Bonaire diving vacation, there are more affordable resorts to choose from. They include the Buddy Dive Resort, Captain Don's Habitat, and the Sand Dollar Condominium Hotel. These mid-range dive resorts offer amazing dive and stay packages, and when guests aren't diving, they can go snorkeling, swim in a freshwater pool, or simply kick back with a drink in hand. Since the majority of the Bonaire hotels are close to the water, guests can snorkel and dive freely. At the Sand Dollar Condominium Resort, for example, the splendid Bari Reef lies just offshore.

The Bonaire all inclusive resorts make life easy, as guests can put the wallet away and slip into a feeling of total relaxation upon arrival. Everything that you could want or need is essentially provided for on Bonaire all inclusive vacations, and if something isn't included in the package, you can decide for yourself if it is worth spending extra to enjoy. The more extensive all inclusive Bonaire vacations can include more than a stay at an all inclusive resort if you want to make life even easier. You might include your flight, your rental car, and a few side tours to destinations such as Klein Bonaire and the Flamingo or Donkey sanctuaries, for example.

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