Bonaire Beaches

Bonaire Beaches
Bonaire Beaches

Bonaire beaches offer visitors to the Dutch Antilles some good places to soak up some sun when they're not out scuba diving. The world-class scuba diving gets most of the attention on the island of Bonaire, but that doesn't mean that visitors can't enjoy plenty of beach time. Most of the Bonaire beaches are narrow strips of sand, and they all border the warm, azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. Since the sand on the island's beaches is relatively gritty in most spots, some of the beach hotels and resorts shipped in their own powdery white sand to compensate. Some of the best beaches on Bonaire that aren't hotel beaches are actually known for their pinkish sand. Pink Beach, as the name would imply, is one of the pink Bonaire beaches, and according to many, it's one of the best beach destinations around.

Pink Beach can be found on the Bonaire's west coast, or leeward side as it is also known. On this side of the island, the winds are lighter and the water is calmer. The calmer seas also make for ideal snorkeling and scuba diving. Should you venture over to the east coast, the trade winds are strong, hence the fact that the east coast is also known as the windward coast. Whereas snorkeling and scuba diving figure among the top beach activities on the west coast of Bonaire, the windsurfers make a break for east coast destinations such as Lac Bay. Lac Bay is home to one of the best beaches on Bonaire, and there are few places in the world where the windsurfing is as good.

Beaches in Bonaire
Beaches in Bonaire

If you want to go scuba diving or snorkeling on your Bonaire beach vacation, there are plenty of beaches where divers and snorkelers can explore the underwater realms as they please. These beaches include 1000 Steps Beach and No Name Beach. No Name Beach stretches for almost 900 feet, and like the other beaches on the small island of Klein Bonaire, it tends to stay uncrowded. After all, this small island of Bonaire's west coast is uninhabited. Most of the best beaches on Bonaire proper also stay relatively uncrowded throughout the year, and 1000 Steps is one of them. This small beach and dive site can be reached from the main road by climbing down 67 limestone steps. The views of the beach below from the top of the steps are spectacular.

On Klein Bonaire, the beaches actually boast soft, white sand that you might expect when visiting a Caribbean beach. Back on mainland Bonaire, the beaches might not be as soft and powdery on the whole, but they are inviting nonetheless. When visiting Washington Slagbaai National Park, a stop at Boca Slagbaai Beach can be the ideal complement to hiking in the picturesque hills. The offshore coral gardens at this beach are fun to explore while snorkeling, and the conditions are usually ripe for swimming. Since the sand at Boca Slagbaai Beach is rough in parts, protective footwear of some kind is recommended when walking on it. Some parts of the beach do boast softer, whiter sand that is more comfortable to walk on. This is actually true at many of the Bonaire beaches. The sandy areas are usually small, but they do exist!

Playa Frans, much like Boca Slagbaai Beach, offers small areas of sand amidst rockier terrain. This beach on the North Point of the island is somewhat hard to get to, but the effort is worth it. More often than not, Playa Frans is deserted, and the gentle sound of the surf and the calls of seabirds are all you're bound to hear on a visit. On the windward side of Bonaire, Nukove Beach is another small beach found among rocks and cliffs. A sliver of white sand cuts through the channel at Nukove Beach, and the snorkeling and diving are excellent.

Nukove Beach can be found near Lac Bay Beach. The south side of Lac Bay is where the majority of the windward beaches can be found. Sorobon Beach is one such beach. For nudists, Sorobon Beach tops the list of best beaches in Bonaire. This is the only beach on the island where public nudity is allowed, and there is a casual resort near the water that also embraces the nudist approach. While Sorobon Beach and the Sorobon Beach Resort are family friendly, those who prefer an environment where nudism is prohibited might prefer the Divi Flamingo Resort for their Bonaire beach vacation.

Bonaire isn't the most heavily developed island in the Caribbean, but there are some good beach hotels to choose from. The dive resorts are especially popular with travelers who are hoping to enjoy a Bonaire beach vacation, and some of these resorts are relatively luxurious. The upscale Harbour Village Resort is one of the island's top luxury resort complexes, and it can be found near the capital of Kralendijk, as is true of most of the Bonaire hotels.

While a hotel or resort stay will be ideal for some, It's worth noting that it is also possible to stay in a self-catering vacation rental property on a Bonaire beach vacation. Of all the vacation rentals, the villas offer the most space, and they also tend to offer the most amenities.

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