Bonaire Cruises

Bonaire Cruises
Bonaire Cruises

Bonaire cruises offer travelers the chance to pull into port at one of the world's best scuba diving destinations. The bulk of the cruises that visit the Caribbean island of Bonaire last either one week or two weeks, and they don't just visit the Bonaire cruise port. Other Caribbean destinations of choice also figure on the itinerary, giving passengers the opportunity to enjoy a range of experiences and cultures. When you arrive at Bonaire on your Caribbean cruise, there will be a number of fun excursions to choose from, including popular diving and snorkeling.

A variety of cruise companies offer Bonaire cruises, and January through April is the peak season. This coincides with the peak October to April travel season. When it is cold in the northern hemisphere during the winter season, it is warm in Bonaire. This is why the Bonaire cruise port is at its busiest during the winter months. During the summer, northerners enjoy their own fair share of warm weather, thus the demand for Bonaire cruises declines.

Kralendijk is the capital of Bonaire, and it is also where the island's cruise port can be found. When you pull into the Kralendijk cruise port, chances are good that you won't have tons of time to work with. After all, there will be many other fascinating stops to make along the way before you return to your point of origin. When it comes to the Bonaire cruise excursions, visitors can enjoy any number of experiences. Because Bonaire is a relatively small island, cruise passengers won't waste a lot of time getting to top destinations. For hiking enthusiasts, a guided hiking tour in Washington Slagbaai National Park is one of the more enticing Bonaire cruise excursions, while divers won't want to pass on the chance to submerge themselves at sites such as Karpata and Pink Beach. Pink Beach is one of the best beaches in Bonaire, and it can be a fine place to relax for a while when you get off the cruise ship.

On Bonaire cruises, you will usually only have the better part of the day to work with when it comes to onshore excursions. As such, travelers should consider planning Bonaire cruise excursions in advance. If you aren't sure what you want to experience when you arrive at Bonaire, the cruise companies can usually arrange something at the last minute, so it isn't entirely necessary to decide what you want to do in advance. If you prefer planning things in advance, you can consult the options when booking your cruise.

In addition to visiting the Bonaire cruise port, the Caribbean cruises that feature a Bonaire stop also visit places such as Grenada, Aruba, and Antigua. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the other places that you might get to visit on Bonaire cruises, and the longer the cruise, the more destinations that will figure on the itinerary. In addition to one- and two-week cruises that feature a stop in Bonaire, travelers can also choose from longer cruises that can last the better part of a month.

The cruise ships that pull into the Bonaire cruise port are large and full of facilities for guests to enjoy. Numerous viewing decks can be found on these big, multi-level ships, and other things that you can expect to enjoy include swimming pools, hot tubs, shuffleboard courts, and live entertainment. Reserved areas that cater to kids and teens can also be found on most of the ships. On your Bonaire-bound cruise ship, you might also have some shops at your disposal, as well as a small casino, a bar, and even a wedding chapel. Caribbean weddings are popular, and since a Bonaire cruise is essentially all inclusive, bride and groom won't have to worry about anything except having fun once they get onboard.


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