Bonaire Dive Resorts

Dive Resorts in Bonaire
Dive Resorts in Bonaire

Bonaire dive resorts exist to serve the needs of the island's main industry. This main industry is tourism, and it revolves largely around diving. Diving enthusiasts are bound to enjoy a scuba diving resort Bonaire stay, as it will be very easy to arrange world-class excursions. When you stay at a dive resort Bonaire, you will be close to the sea, and more often than not, an amazing dive site will be just offshore. The best Bonaire diving is to be had off the island's west coast. As such, the western side is the best place to look for a dive resort Bonaire. The most popular resorts are commonly grouped in with the Kralendijk hotels.

Harbour Village Beach Club

Of all the Bonaire dive resorts, the Harbour Village Beach Club is arguably the most upscale. This luxury hotel can be found a few miles north of the capital of Kralendijk, and it offers a quality dive shop as well. When you stay at almost any scuba diving resort Bonaire, a dive shop will be at your disposal. This means that you won't have to leave the resort to plan your diving adventures. For travelers who aren't yet certified for open water dives, the dive shops at resorts like the Harbour Village Beach Club specialize in scuba diving instruction. When you're not diving during your stay at the Harbor Village Dive Resort Bonaire, you can enjoy everything else that the resort has to offer. This includes a fine beach, an enticing spa, and an excellent waterfront restaurant. As for the accommodations, they are tastefully decorated and nicely equipped. The Premier Suites are the most exclusive guest units, and as is true of the Bonaire vacation rentals, they boast full kitchen facilities.

Divi Flamingo Beach Resort

While the upscale Bonaire dive resorts are attractive for a number of reasons, some travelers will prefer more affordable accommodations. The Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino is a popular dive resort Bonaire, partly because of the fact that it offers very reasonable rates. The colorful rooms at this resort boast everything that guests will need to enjoy a pleasant stay, including a coffee maker, air conditioning, and cable TV. Studio units with kitchen facilities are available, and they are part of a separate complex that features a private pool. The casino at the resort is a good place to enjoy some nightlife when a break from the bars is in order. It's also possible to arrange night dives at the resort if you really want to put a different spin on your nightlife experience. As is true of most of the Bonaire dive resorts, the Divi Flamingo can be found near Kralendijk.

Captain Don's Habitat

Falling into the price range between the Harbour Village Resort and the Divi Flamingo Scuba Diving Resort Bonaire is Captain Don's Habitat. This Captain Don's Scuba Diving Resort Bonaire rests on a bluff, and the views of the Caribbean Sea are amazing. The founder of this laid-back resort was a veteran captain who eventually settled on the island in the 1960s. Locals still refer to Captain Don Stewart as the Godfather of Diving. It's possible to book a diving package at resorts like Captain Don's, and these vacation packages aim to include all the necessaries, such as your dives and your accommodations.

Buddy Dive Resort

Buddy Dive Resort Bonaire
Buddy Dive Resort Bonaire

The mid-range Buddy Dive Resort is another Bonaire scuba diving resort par excellence, and this has a lot to do with the quality of its dive packages. For Bonaire visitors who prefer windsurfing to diving, resorts such as the Lac Bay Resort and the nudist-friendly resort at Sorobon Beach are the resorts of choice. As is true of scuba diving, windsurfing figures among the top things to do in Bonaire. These are just some of the Bonaire dive resorts that are worth considering when planning a visit to this world-class diving destination.


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