Divi Flamingo Bonaire

Divi Flamingo Bonaire
Divi Flamingo Bonaire

Divi Flamingo Bonaire is a relaxed beach resort that is an ideal place to stay if you want a great resort with options for watersports, scuba, or good all around amenities. This three-star resort was one of the first hotels to open on the island of Bonaire, and its history is quite fascinating. Originally, the bungalows that were built on the site housed German prisoners during World War II. When the war ended and the camp was converted into a hotel, the relatively simple bungalows served as the main accommodations.

The Divi Bonaire Resort has been renovated, and today it is better than ever. The worn out bungalows were restored, and new air conditioning was installed. Modern furnishings were added to help bring the guest units up to date, and the original units were converted into timeshares. Seafront cottages and rooms were added during the renovation process, though the timeshares are arguably the most attractive accommodations that the Divi Bonaire has to offer.

As is true of the other resorts and beach hotels in Bonaire, the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort and Casino is not a huge resort. There are 130 guest units to choose from, and booking ahead is recommended. The guest units at the Divi Flamingo Bonaire come in the forms of rooms and studios, and while none of them are overly luxurious, they are both clean and comfortable. As for the rooms, the most attractive ones are oceanfront units that boast terrific balconies. For those who want to save some money on rates, the garden-view rooms are cheaper than the rooms with ocean views.

Other than the views, the rooms at the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort and Casino offer the same amenities, and these amenities include cable TV, a safe for valuables, a pair of double beds, a mini fridge, a coffee maker, and air conditioning. The studio units, or timeshare units, boast some added space, as well as some added amenities. Essentially small vacation rentals, the timeshare studios at the Divi Bonaire feature fully equipped kitchens. Guests who stay in one of the timeshare studios will also have access to a private pool.

There are two freshwater pools at the Divi Flamingo Bonaire, and while one is reserved for guests at the timeshare complex, the other is open to all guests. When you're not swimming in one of the pools during your stay, there's always the strip of private beach to enjoy. Watersports equipment can be rented at the resort if you want to do more than swim and sunbathe, and there's even a PADI-certified scuba diving operation onsite. Both scuba diving and snorkeling can be done right off the beach, and the Divi Flamingo Bonaire also offers custom dive boats that can be used to get to top dive sites including the 1000 Steps and the Bari Reef.

Scuba diving is one of the top things to do in Bonaire. In fact, it's what attracts the bulk of the island's visitors. When diving is the focus of your Bonaire visit, staying at a dive resort like the Divi Flamingo is recommended. Excellent packages that combine your accommodations with your diving excursions are available at the Divi Bonaire, and these packages usually include a daily breakfast to help you get ready for a dive. If you're not up for diving during your stay at this popular resort, there will be other ways to stay busy.

The Divi Flamingo Beach Resort and Casino, as its name would imply, boasts a small casino. There isn't a lot in the way of Bonaire nightlife, in which case this casino is a popular place to go on the island once the sun goes down. Various video games and slot machines can be found at the Divi Casino, and visitors can also play games such as roulette, blackjack, and poker. The Divi Flamingo Resort also has a bar at the main restaurant if you want to add to your nightlife options. The main restaurant offers plenty of fresh seafood, and guests can enjoy a beachside breakfast buffet at the resort's second restaurant. More dining establishments can be found in nearby Kralendijk, and the walk into town only takes about ten minutes.

The Divi Flamingo Resort offers a good array of facilities, which is part of the reason why it figures among the most popular Bonaire hotels. A day spa and a fitness center round out the facilities, and guests can rent a car onsite for side trips to destinations such as Pink Beach and Rincon. Babysitting services are available and the resort also offers children's programs, so parents can enjoy some time to themselves as needed.

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