Bonaire Diving

Bonaire diving is renowned for its quality, and it has a lot to do with the makeup of the island itself. Bonaire is actually a reef that is surrounded by reefs, and its waters are vigorously protected. Between the colorful marine life and the clarity of the water, it's hard to get better conditions and sights than Bonaire diving offers. A number of Bonaire diving packages exist to serve the needs of beginners and seasoned divers alike, and these packages can include more than just your diving excursions.

Bonaire Diving
Bonaire Diving

A number of dive operators are available in Bonaire for travelers who are interested in arranging guided dives. Beginners who aren't yet certified can take the necessary steps to get certified, as many of the dive operators offer certification courses and classes. Coincidentally, those who aren't certified for open water diving can always go snorkeling. While snorkeling in Bonaire is a blast, diving is more rewarding. With an air tank, you can enjoy extended underwater sessions and trips to the deeper reefs and shipwrecks. The Hilma Hooker shipwreck, for example, rests at a depth of almost 100 feet. While it is possible to admire the wreck from a distance while snorkeling, divers will be able to get a better look at this fascinating craft.

Bonaire Dive Spots
Bonaire Dive Spots

Whereas the Bonaire diving packages can make life easy by taking care of the details, it isn't necessary to book a package deal if you want to go diving on your Bonaire holiday. There are many dive sites that are ideal for shore diving, and they include 1000 Steps and Karpata. Shore diving involves nothing more than putting your equipment on and wading into the water from a beach, pier, or rocky shoreline. You won't need a guide to go shore diving in Bonaire, though you will need to purchase a special pass through the Bonaire Marine Park. The park's information center at Karpata is a good place to get one of these passes, and once you have yours, you will be able to enjoy an unlimited number of dives for a year. Snorkelers will also have to purchase a cheaper pass, and if you are visiting the island on a cruise ship and want to snorkel or swim, discounted passes are available.

Diving Tours
Diving Tours

There are lots of reasons why Bonaire diving is so renowned. The Bonaire Marine Park is largely responsible for the cleanliness of the area waters, and visibility is usually 100 feet or more. In addition to staying exceptionally clear year round, the waters that surround Bonaire and the smaller island of Klein Bonaire are always warm, with temperatures averaging around 80 degrees. The warm water can be especially enticing for divers who are used to cold water diving, and it attracts more than its fair share of marine life. In addition to an impressive array of tropical fish, anyone taking in the world-class Bonaire scuba diving can also expect to see colorful corals and sponges.

The abundance of marine life that can be found in the Bonaire waters helps to make for an unforgettable diving experience. Parrotfish, angelfish, trunkfish, and grouper are just some of the species that you can expect to see. Moray eels, stingrays, octopus, squid, turtles, and seahorses are other creatures that are often seen on Bonaire diving excursions. Storms may have caused some damage to the reefs that surround the island over the years, but that doesn't mean that the reefs aren't covered in colorful corals and sponges. The corals grow at various depths, and species include elkhorn and giant brain. When it comes to the sponges, the large purple tube sponges add a considerable amount of color to the underwater panorama.

Bonaire is primarily a diving destination, and it's not hard to understand why. Even the most seasoned of divers tend to be amazed at how good Bonaire scuba diving is, and it could hardly be any easier to arrange fun diving adventures. The Bonaire diving packages can take of everything, from your diving trips to your accommodations. More often than not, the diving packages also include a stay at one of the island's dive resorts, such as the Divi Flamingo.

When you book one of the Bonaire diving packages, you typically won't have to worry about arranging your mandatory diver orientation. In addition to getting a diving pass, anyone wishing to enjoy some Bonaire scuba diving must also complete a diver orientation session. These sessions teach divers about the reefs and the overall ecosystem. They also offer insight into the kind of punishment that you can expect if you don't follow the rules. Once you complete your Bonaire diving orientation, it will be good for a calendar year, and chances are good that you'll want to come back for some more diving before that year runs its course.

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