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Bonaire Flights
Bonaire Flights

Bonaire flights have been increasing in number in recent years. This has a lot to do with the fact that this island in the Netherlands Antilles is attracting a growing amount of tourists. Many of these tourists are repeat visitors, and they return to enjoy the abundant sunshine, the warm year-round temperatures, the world-class scuba diving, and the scintillating windsurfing. While it is popular to fly from Aruba to Bonaire, there are many more options to consider, and it's even possible to fly direct from a number of U.S. cities, including Houston, Atlanta, and Newark.

The number of direct flights to Bonaire has grown over the years, though many travelers still have to make a layover before they ultimately arrive. A layover is likely when it comes to the cheap flights to Bonaire, so if you want to get here fast, you will likely pay a premium. Aruba has long been a popular layover point, and some travelers choose to spend a little time on the island of Aruba before heading on to Bonaire. Should you fly from Aruba to Bonaire, the trip will take less than an hour. It's an even shorter flight if you fly from Curacao to Bonaire. Both Curacao and Aruba serve as popular layover points for Bonaire flights, as do San Juan, Puerto Rico and Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Regardless of what you have in mind for your flight to Bonaire, it is often possible to get a deal on airfare. Cheap flights to Bonaire are increasingly easy to come by, and since there are plenty of flight options, comparing rates can often pay off. Another way to go about securing a discount on your airfare to Bonaire is by booking your flight as part of a vacation package. The Bonaire vacation packages come in a number of shapes and sizes, and some include airfare. Other things that you might hope to include in your vacation package are your accommodations, your ground transportation, and your scuba diving or snorkeling trips.

In addition to comparing rates and booking a package deal, travelers who are interested in cheap flights to Bonaire can also choose to visit outside of the peak season. The main tourist season runs from October to April, and this is often when the Bonaire flights are at their most expensive. It is also when the hotels and resorts tend to raise their rates. Bonaire enjoys warm temperatures year round, and since it is outside of the Caribbean's hurricane zone, there really isn't a bad time to visit. When you avoid the peak tourist season, you also avoid the increased tourist crowds. Thankfully, while Bonaire is a fine travel destination, it never gets too crowded. Word is getting out when it comes to the quality of the scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, and hiking, however, so the tourist numbers are going up.

All of the five islands in the Netherlands Antilles are worthy of a visit, and since it is possible to fly between the main islands, cutting down on travel time is relatively easy. Daily flights between the islands of the Netherlands Antilles are available, and you can also fly from Aruba to Bonaire on any given day. Aruba was formerly part of the Netherlands Antilles, and it still maintains its status as part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Direct flights from Amsterdam to Bonaire are available, so travelers can also include a trip to Europe on the agenda if they are looking to enjoy everything that the Kingdom of the Netherlands has to offer.

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