Bonaire Holidays

Bonaire Holidays
Bonaire Holidays

Bonaire holidays are arguably best enjoyed during the winter months. When it gets cold up north in the winter, Bonaire stays warm, and more often than not, the sun is shining. Diving holidays in Bonaire are especially popular, as this Caribbean island in the Netherlands Antilles boasts some of the best diving in the world. The snorkeling is also as good as it gets, especially on the leeward side. When you aren't enjoying the world-class diving or snorkeling on Bonaire holidays, there will be an attractive array of things to do on the side. Most of the Bonaire beaches are relatively deserted on a consistent basis, and stealing away to a secluded strip of sand can be a fine way to spend a day.

Diving holidays in Bonaire can be enjoyed year round, as can Bonaire trips focused on windsurfing. After diving and snorkeling, windsurfing is arguably the most popular activity, with the rather blustery windward side being the place to try your hand at the sport. While some Bonaire visitors arrive on a cruise ship and don't have a lot of time to work with, others stick around for a while to enjoy everything that the island has to offer. Trying some windsurfing can be the perfect complement to diving and snorkeling. Sailing is just one more option when it comes to the water-related activities, and land exploration will also be in order.

Bonaire boasts a relatively warm and dry climate, and as long as you have some light-colored clothes, a good hat, some sunglasses, and some sunblock, hiking in the hilly northern region can be a real delight. The highest hill on the island tops out at 774 feet, and while the hills aren't soaring, they are very picturesque. While hiking on the leeward side of Washington Slagbaai National Park, it is possible to enjoy sweeping views of the island and the neighboring islet of Klein Bonaire. Coincidentally, most Bonaire holidays include a visit to Klein Bonaire on the itinerary, as the beaches are good and the diving and snorkeling are even better.

For travelers who are enjoying windsurfing or diving holidays in Bonaire, there are some attractive accommodations to choose from. Dive resorts such as Buddy Dive and the Divi Flamingo are popular with divers, as they feature onsite dive shops and can help beginners get their diving certification. If your resort or hotel lacks a dive shop, it will most likely be affiliated with a local dive operator. Should you wish to pass on a resort or hotel stay, there are some attractive Bonaire holiday rentals to choose from. Families are especially encouraged to consider the holiday rentals, as they tend to offer added space and privacy. Couples who are enjoying romantic holidays in Bonaire can also benefit from a stay at one of the island's holiday rentals.

The Bonaire holiday rentals are mostly found on the leeward coast near the small capital of Kralendijk, though there are some options on the eastern side as well for those who want to go windsurfing at Lac Bay. Some of the hotels and resorts on the island offer timeshare units that guests can rent, and these units are akin to holiday rentals. Such is the case at the Sand Dollar Condominium Resort. This resort blends the holiday rental experience with the resort experience, and it doesn't hurt that the Bari Reef is found just offshore.

There has arguably never been a better time for Bonaire holidays, as tourism numbers are only bound to go up in the near future. As for now, you won't have to share this gem of an island with a lot of fellow tourists, even during the peak October to April travel season. This is one of the best things about laid-back Bonaire. Many Bonaire travelers return time and again when they get the chance, and it's not hard to understand why repeat visits are common. The Bonaire holiday rentals and hotels offer something for virtually every taste and preference, so finding your ideal place to stay on a relaxing Bonaire escape should be easy.

Some fantastic holiday packages exist to help travelers maximize their Bonaire travel experience, and while most visitors arrive by air, there are some enticing cruises to select from. Flights from Europe to Bonaire typically make a layover at destinations such as Montego Bay, Jamaica and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Various Caribbean destinations are often where the cruises tend to originate, with Ft Lauderdale Florida also being a potential point of embarkation. However you choose to arrive, Bonaire won't fail to impress.

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