Karpata is one of the best dive sites in Bonaire, and that's saying something on an island this renowned for its diving. The west coast of Bonaire, or the leeward side, is where the bulk of the diving is done, and that's where you'll find this excellent dive site. Not far off is 1000 Steps, which is another excellent dive site, and an inviting ecological center is even closer. The Karpata Ecological Center is part of the Bonaire Marine Park, and it can be an excellent place to visit when you're not exploring the underwater realms at the nearby dive sites.

Karpata can be found north of Kralendijk off the North Scenic Route Road. To the near north of this dive site is Washington Slagbaai National Park. Between the diving at Karpata and the hiking in Washington Slagbaai National Park, outdoor enthusiasts might never want to leave Bonaire's northern reaches. Before you go diving at Karpata, you can stop by the ecological center to get information on what to expect. The Karpata Ecological Center serves as an information center, and it offers an array of fascinating exhibitions and displays that cover Bonaire diving.

Bonaire visitors who are interested in diving at Karpata should know that many divers consider this to be the best site on the island for shore diving. The rocky shoreline and lack of a sandy beach can sometimes turn divers away, but the entrance into the water is easier than it might appear. All divers have to do is make their way down some steps to the cement platform at the water's edge. Once you get in the water, you never know what you may see in terms of marine life. Sting rays and octopus are just some of the creatures that are known to roam the area waters, and there is a reef that is easy to reach. In addition to admiring the reef and the coral that cover it, divers can also enjoy the rolling walls and shallows that help to define the Karpata diving experience.

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