Klein Bonaire

Klein Bonaire is the name of the islet that can be found off Bonaire's west coast. In Dutch, the name of this tiny, uninhabited island translates to Little Bonaire Island. Whereas Bonaire is relatively hilly on the northern side and flat on the southern end, Klein Bonaire is entirely flat. In fact, no part of the islet rises to an altitude of more than six feet above sea level. Save for some ruined huts from Bonaire's slavery days, Little Bonaire Island is devoid of development, so it remains a day trip destination for Bonaire travelers.

Klein Bonaire
Klein Bonaire

Most of the visitors to the islet of Klein Bonaire come to enjoy the splendid scuba diving and snorkeling sites. As is true of neighboring Bonaire, Little Bonaire Island is surrounded by the protected waters of the Bonaire Marine Park. Thanks to the park's conservation efforts, the clarity of the water and the health of the reefs and the marine life are optimal. The Klein Bonaire dive sites don't only benefit from the protection that the Bonaire Marine Park provides. They also benefit from all around great diving conditions. Since Little Bonaire Island is less than a mile from Bonaire's leeward side, the winds are relatively light. Under the surface of the sea, the currents and surges are at a minimum. As a result of these variables, the water is less agitated and more conducive to diving and snorkeling.

A trip to Klein Bonaire doesn't have to be all about diving and snorkeling. It's also possible to kick back and relax on a Klein Bonaire beach. Whereas mainland Bonaire suffers from a relative lack of white, powdery beaches, Little Bonaire Island boasts a few that beach lovers can enjoy. No Name Beach is the most renowned Klein Bonaire beach, and it can be found on the north side. There is plenty of room to stretch out on No Name Beach, as the soft, white sand stretches for almost 900 feet. In addition to swimming at the islet's beaches, visitors can also use them for snorkeling and scuba diving pursuits. It is worth noting that each and every Klein Bonaire beach is devoid of facilities, not to mention shade, so you will want to plan accordingly.

No Bonaire visit is arguably complete without a side visit to Klein Bonaire. This 1,500-acre islet is only accessible by boat or kayak, and most of the Bonaire hotels will be happy to help their guests arrange a visit. The boat ride only takes about ten minutes, and the bulk of the boats leave from the capital of Kralendijk. Both private and commercial boats visit the islet, and it can make for a fine sailing destination.

Even if you don't set foot on Klein Bonaire, sailing around it on a sightseeing tour can be rewarding. Should your sightseeing be limited to mainland Bonaire, it's possible to spot Little Bonaire Island from the hills on the leeward side. The best views are arguably enjoyed from the top of the 774-foot-tall Mount Brandaris. This highest of Bonaire hills can be found in Washington Slagbaai National Park.

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