Lac Bay

Lac Bay is one of the premier destinations in the Caribbean for windsurfing. Visitors who don't have their own windsurfing equipment can rent it upon arrival. It is also possible to take lessons if you need help when it comes to windsurfing at Lac Bay, and beginners are encouraged to give it a try. The waters of Lac Bay are protected by a reef, not to mention part of the island of Bonaire itself, and this helps to keep the waters relatively calm. Whereas the water is calm, however, the trade winds are usually strong, which makes ideal windsurfing conditions. Additionally, most of the water at Lac Bay in Bonaire is only thigh deep. Should you fall off your board, it will be much easier to compose yourself and get back on for another ride.

When visiting Lac Bay, you can choose to go windsurfing on the bay side or the ocean side. The waters on the ocean side aren't as calm as the bay waters, as they are more exposed to the wind and other variables. Beginners should stick to the bay for windsurfing at Lac Bay, while the more experienced windsurfers can enjoy both the bay and the ocean conditions. The inlet of the bay presents particularly challenging conditions that advanced windsurfers won't want to miss. One of the best things about the windsurfing at Lac Bay is that it can be enjoyed year round. That being said, November through July is when the best conditions present themselves. The pros tend to show up in May and June.

In addition to windsurfing operations, visitors to Lac Bay Beach will also find food and drink vendors. Sand at this Bonaire beach is of a pinkish hue, as is true of the island's aptly named Pink Beach. This pinkish sand is the result of corals that were broken down into sand over time by the surf. The water ranges from a stunning turquoise color to deep purple. It's not hard to understand why people flock to Lac Bay Beach. Even if you're not into windsurfing, the dazzling array of colors alone is enough to impress. The Bonaire beaches don't get a lot of attention when it comes to the Caribbean beaches, but one look at the beach at Lac Bay, and it becomes apparent that there's much more to this island than scuba diving and snorkeling.

Lac Bay
Lac Bay

While most visitors to Lac Bay in Bonaire have windsurfing in mind, it isn't the only activity worth enjoying. It's also possible to go scuba diving, snorkeling, or kayaking at Lac Bay. On the north side of the bay, the mangroves make prime kayaking territory. Should you be enjoying more than just a day trip to Lac Bay Beach, you can also venture off to some of the other top destinations on Bonaire's east coast. These destinations include Nukove Beach and 1,000 Steps. The former is a small cave that is carved out of the side of a limestone cliff. The small channel that cuts through the cave boasts elkhorn coral and is a great place to both snorkel and dive. As for 1,000 Steps, it is one of the top Bonaire destinations for snorkelers, scuba divers, and beach lovers alike.

While most of the Bonaire hotels are found on the western side of the island near the capital of Kralendijk, travelers who wish to stay closer to Lac Bay will have a few choices for accommodations. The Lac Bay Resort is one of the most popular hotels at Lac Bay in Bonaire, and visitors who wish to stay for more than a day might also consider the Kon Tiki Beach Club. As is true of the resort on nearby Sorobon Beach, the Lac Bay Resort is a straightforward lodging establishment that doesn't try to impress its guests with over-the-top decor and abundant amenities. The Kon Tiki Beach Club's two guest units offer a little more in the way of luxury. Lac Bay visitors can also consider booking a stay in a rental apartment or villa.

It is worth noting that since the island of Bonaire is so small, it doesn't take long to get from the capital of Kralendijk to Lac Bay Beach. In fact, the drive only takes about ten minutes. The small size of the island means that anyone with a rental car can effectively venture off to any destination they please without having to worry much about travel times.

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