Bonaire Luxury Hotels

Bonaire luxury hotels are few in number, though there are some upscale options for those who are interested. There is only one 5 star hotel in Bonaire, and as is true of most of the hotels on the island, it can be found on a beach near the capital of Kralendijk. The Kralendijk area is the best place to look for a luxury beach hotel in Bonaire, though there is one resort on the windy, eastern side that offers a considerable amount of luxury for guests to enjoy.

Harbour Village Beach Club

Bonaire Luxury Hotels
Bonaire Luxury Hotels

The Kralendijk luxury hotels essentially include any of the upscale resorts or beach hotels that can be found on Bonaire's west coast. The most luxurious of the bunch is the Harbour Village Beach Club, and when it comes down to it, this resort is the most luxurious on the island. The Harbour Village Beach Club (pictured) is about twenty minutes north of downtown Kralendijk by foot. A fine, white-sand beach fronts the resort, and there is a satisfying array of facilities to take advantage of. Among the facility highlights are an excellent restaurant, a pair of bars to satisfy nightlife enthusiasts, a spa, a dive center, a handful of tennis courts, a marina, and an outdoor pool.

Plaza Resort Bonaire

The Harbour Village Beach Club is undoubtedly the king of the Bonaire luxury hotels, and the rates reflect it. Should the relatively lofty rates be too high, travelers who are interested in enjoying a slice of luxury during their Bonaire escape can save some money by staying at the Plaza Resort Bonaire. It only takes about five minutes to get from the airport to the Plaza Resort, so you can get to your spacious suite or villa unit in virtually no time once you clear customs and grab your bags. As is to be expected at the Kralendijk luxury hotels, the Plaza Resort offers a number of services. These services include spa treatments and laundry, both of which can be enjoyed for an added fee. The villas and suites at the Plaza are very tasteful, boasting an elegant décor and attractive furnishings. A private patio or balcony, a mini fridge, air conditioning, and a big bathroom are just some of the standard amenities in the guest units, while the general facilities include a dive shop, restaurants, and a bar. The bar is one of the island's top nightlife hangouts in case you are up for some evening fun.

Bellafonte Chateau de la Mer

For travelers who are interested in staying at a luxury beach hotel in Bonaire, the Bellafonte Chateau de la Mer is another lodging establishment that is worth keeping in mind. This palazzo-style hotel is relatively small, as is true of all the Bonaire hotels, and while the guest units aren't overly luxurious, they do offer an upscale feel. The Penthouse Suite is the most impressive guest unit at the Bellafonte Chateau, and it is more akin to a vacation rental than a hotel room. A flat-screen television, a CD player, a full kitchen, and an all around attractive décor are just some of the things that make the Penthouse Suite extra enticing. If you aren't able to swing the rates for the Penthouse or it has already been booked, the other suites and studios also offer a fair amount of luxury. The smaller studios have kitchenettes, while the larger suites have full kitchens. Other standard amenities in the guest units include internet access, a safety deposit box for valuables, and a private balcony or patio.

Bamboo Bali Bonaire

These are the best Kralendijk luxury hotels, though they aren't the only ones worth considering. The Bamboo Bali Bonaire also deserves mention, as its five guest cottages are easily some of the best accommodations in the land. The overall feel of this small hotel is akin to what you might expect at an upscale retreat in Bali, hence the name. As is true of some of the other hotels in Bonaire, the Bamboo Bali offers self-catering guest units that are akin to vacation rentals. In addition to plush furnishings, each of the cottages boasts a fully equipped kitchen, a sleek flat-screen television, and air conditioning.

La Pura Vista

While a luxury beach hotel in Bonaire is the only way to go for some visitors to the island, others might not mind being slightly removed from the coast. La Pura Vista is a bed and breakfast-style hotel that can be found inland, and it can make an excellent Bonaire base. This former house of the owner's parents has been renovated to serve the needs of travelers, and the renovations helped to add an upscale edge. There are just five guest units at La Pura Vista, and they include three deluxe guest rooms, a deluxe suite, and a studio. As is true at the other Bonaire luxury hotels, the guest units at this B&B are clean, comfortable, and nicely equipped. Downtown Kralendijk, some good beaches, and some excellent dive and snorkel sites will be just minutes away when you stay at La Pura Vista.

While the Kralendijk luxury hotels are the most popular luxury hotels on Bonaire's west coast, those who want to do some windsurfing on the east coast can expect to enjoy a fair amount of luxury at the Kontiki Beach Club and Lac Bay Resort. This luxury beach hotel in Bonaire isn't super luxurious, though the tasteful décor and the ample amenities in the rental-style units is enough to incite a luxurious appeal. In addition to the apartment-style units, the Kontiki Beach Club also features a pair of villas that boast multiple beds and baths.


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